Windows 10 Performance Assessment

Windows 10 Performance Assessment

The interface for evaluating performance has been removed from the Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, you can no longer run or see a performance assessment as it was done in Windows 7.

But, you can still do this using the "Command Prompt" and then see the results in the Windows folder. In this article we will talk about how this is done.

How to run a performance assessment in Windows 10

In order to run a performance assessment in Windows 10, you first need to open the "Command Prompt" as administrator. The easiest way to do this is by right-clicking on the Start button and selecting "Command Prompt (Admin)".

After the "Command Prompt" opens, enter the winsat formal –restart clean command into it (or just copy it, in Windows 10 it is not necessary to enter the commands manually).

After entering this command, the evaluation of the performance of your computer will begin. This may take several minutes, and at this time your computer will slow down a bit. After the execution of the command is completed and a message appears with information about the total execution time, the "Command line" can be closed.

How to see the performance score in Windows 10

After executing the above command, you can see the performance rating that Windows 10 has determined for your computer.

To do this, open the folder C: \ Windows \ Performance \ WinSAT \ DataStore and find the file there, which will be called "current date Formal.Assessment (Recent) WinSAT.xml".

Next, you need to open this file using any browser. To do this, you can simply drag and drop the file into the browser window or use the "Open with" menu. Inside the file you can see a lot of text. Here you need to find a block of information called "WinSPR"

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The “WinSPR” block will contain the test results that we launched through the command line. The following options are available here:

  • SystemScore is an overall Windows 10 performance rating (or minimum performance rating).
  • MemoryScore. RAM performance;
  • CpuScore. processor performance;
  • GraphicsScore. the performance of your graphics;
  • GamingScore. the performance of your graphics in games4
  • DiskScore. the performance of your disk;
Windows 10 Performance Assessment

Programs for evaluating the performance of Windows 10

If the above method of evaluating performance seems too complicated for you, then you can use third-party programs that greatly simplify the whole process. For example, you can use the free Winaero WEI tool. This program looks just like a tool for evaluating performance in older versions of Windows.

This program receives data from the Formal.Assessment (Recent) WinSAT.xml file and displays it in a convenient form. If necessary, you can run a performance evaluation directly from the program. To do this, click on the "Re-run" button.

information about the Winaero WEI tool can be obtained on the developer’s website: a page with a description of the program and a page for downloading.

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