Win Key On A Computer, Laptop Keyboard

Win Key On A Computer, Laptop Keyboard

In this article, we consider where the Win button is located on the keyboard, what kind of key is on the laptop, computer, in combination with which buttons it is used, how to disable / enable it. The Win key contains the Windows logo on itself, when pressed, the Start menu opens in the seven and earlier versions, the start screen starts in the eight. The same function is performed by the Ctrl Esc key combination, in case the Win button is missing.

On the keyboard of a stationary PC, the Win key is in two places in the bottom row, but there are exceptions. Win on the left is between the Ctrl and Alt buttons, and Win on the right is between Alt and the menu button.

In laptops, priority is only left Win. Often it is located between Fn and Alt.

In addition to invoking the Start menu, the Win keyboard button is used in combination with other keys to quickly launch Windows 7, 8. For example, pressing Win R on the keyboard will launch the Run command in Windows 7, 8, and clicking Win E will open Windows Explorer. Below we consider in more detail keyboard shortcuts.

Keys used in combination with Win

There are a huge number of hot keys in which the Win button is used, and with each new version of Windows their number is growing. Before looking at the combinations, let’s take a look at how to use them correctly.

To use hotkeys, first hold down the Win button, then press the button depending on which element you want to run. After opening the item, release Win. Below is a table of buttons (the most useful), in combination with which Win is used, as well as a brief description.

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How to disable, enable the Win button

When playing a computer game, sometimes the Windows button is accidentally pressed, which leads to the exit to the desktop and minimizing the game to the taskbar. This, like sticky keys, annoys gamers, so most people prefer to disable the Win button. Let’s look at several ways to turn Win off and on to improve the gaming experience.

1. Download the Microsoft patch here. Unpack it, then install. After rebooting the PC, the Win key will not function, since the patch makes a change to the registry.

Win Key On A Computer, Laptop Keyboard

If you need the Win button, open the Windows 7, 8 registry editor, visit the Keyboard Layout registry section (path in the screenshot). Right-click on the Scancode Map option, select “Uninstall.” Close the registry, restart the computer.

2. Download the archive with reg-files here, unzip it. The otkl_win_klav.reg file disables the Win button on the keyboard, and vkl_win_klav.reg includes it. Select the desired file, then run it. Click Yes (UAC), Yes to confirm the merge, OK. After the manipulations are done, restart the PC.

Note: in order not to get into the registry to enable Win in the first way, you can use the vkl_win_klav.reg file. Remember, due to incorrect actions, you can damage the registry, and therefore, the correct operation of the system. Create a recovery point or a copy of the registry.

Now you understand where the Win button is located on the keyboard, what the key is, and how to disable / enable it on a laptop, computer. From the above, it is clear that Win is an excellent quick access tool and you need to disable it only in special situations.

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