Win Button On The Keyboard: Useful Keyboard Shortcuts With It, And How To Turn It Off.

Win Button On The Keyboard: Useful Keyboard Shortcuts With It, And How To Turn It Off.

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Button Win (or as it is also called Windows) is located at the bottom of the keyboard (usually there are two, left and right). Most often, it shows a logo "Windows"sometimes just "star" or "snowflake" (you can look at the preview to this article as an example. on the left, or here’s another: example 1; example 2 (clickable!)).

It so happened that many users have a completely different attitude to it:

  • some hate Win, because, by accidentally hitting it, all windows are minimized and START is opened (imagine what it is like if the game is minimized in full swing);
  • others do not notice it and almost never use it;
  • the third. actively press, significantly accelerating their work.

Actually, in this small help article I wanted to give the most frequent combinations that will help you make your work more comfortable and faster. I will also give one of the simple ways to disable Win (if it bothers you).

Useful Win Key Combinations


A single press of the key opens the START menu. On Windows 8, the Metro menu. If you press it while in the game, for example, it will be minimized, and you will see a desktop with an open START.

If you accidentally hit this key in games and lose "focus". then a little later in the article I will show how to disable it, and do not suffer anymore with this

START was open.


A very frequently used keyboard shortcut that brings up a window "Run" (works in all versions of Windows).

Window run. appeared. after clicking on winr

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When pressed, all open windows are automatically minimized, and the desktop appears before you. It is convenient to use when many windows are open, and you need to get to the icon (file) on the desktop.


Selects the first program icon in the taskbar (in my case, AIDA 64 stood out). Next, use the arrows and Enter. you can start any program whose icons are present on the taskbar.

Highlighting the first taskbar icon


A very convenient combination when your mouse does not work, or you need to quickly switch to the tray icons. After clicking. the first element is selected in the tray, then use the ShiftF10, Enter, and TAB keys to open and view the properties of the programs (whose icons are in the tray).

Highlighting the first item in the system tray

Win1 (Win2 etc.)

Automatically launches the first program located on the taskbar. In my case. all the same AIDA 64 (the second is Yandex browser).

Taskbar (Windows 10)

WinShift1 (WinShift1, etc.)

Similar to the previous combination, only in this case you start a copy of the program. For example, you can open 2-3 browser windows (and each has its own tabs). In some cases. very convenient!


Call the explorer window (see screen below). By the way, this way it’s convenient to quickly open a tab "My computer / This computer".

Explorer (Windows 10)

Win Space

Switching keyboard language: Russian / English.


If you have a 2nd monitor connected to your laptop / computer, this combination will allow you to choose the projection option. For example, you can make the image on the monitors the same; either turn off one and turn on the other; or even expand your workspace and open different windows on different monitors.

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To help! How to connect a monitor to a laptop (more about this topic).

Options for projecting an image

WinPause (Break)

Calls up the system properties window. Here you can:

  • look at the CPU model, computer name, OS version, the amount of RAM, etc. characteristics;
  • start device manager;
  • configure system security;
  • configure remote access, etc.

Windows 10 System Properties


A very useful combination that allows you to block access to the OS (i.e. a welcome window will appear asking you to enter a password (if you have one). I note that no open programs are closed, their work is not interrupted. After entering the OS. you can continue further work on your projects.

WinL. block OS


Minimize all open windows. In my opinion, it simply duplicates the combination of WinD.


Win Button On The Keyboard: Useful Keyboard Shortcuts With It, And How To Turn It Off.

After clicking, a window with special features automatically opens: fine-tuning the screen, on-screen keyboard, speaker, etc.

WinU. specialist. opportunities


A very useful combination that opens a window with links to quickly launch the most necessary tools: device manager, network connections, disk management, etc ;

Win → (or ↓, ↑, ←)

Move the window from one part to another (for example, from the left side of the screen to the right, see the screen below. Acts on the active window). Especially true for large monitors, where you can open several windows and quickly swap them.

Window shift example


A convenient way to switch between different windows (see example below). Allows you to view all open windows in thumbnails (also relevant for large monitors).

WinTab. switching between windows (Windows 10)

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Update as of 1/31/2019


A combination is used in Windows 10 in games: when pressed, a game panel appears that allows you to create screenshots and record everything that happens on the screen into a video file. See the example below.

Record start button

How to disable the Win button (if you accidentally touch it)

Quite often in games, many accidentally hit the Windows (Win) button. as a result, the game collapses (at the most crucial moment), and often Game Over (defeat) occurs.

Unfortunately, there is no official solution to this problem, so you have to use "tricky things".

The easiest way to disable this button (in my opinion) is to replace it with another one (which does not do anything in the game). This can be done using specials. utilities. Mapkeyboard.

After its launch, you only need to perform three actions:

  • select a key (which will be instead of Win);
  • then at the bottom of the window select "Lwin". this is the left Windows, just the one that most often affects;
  • and press the button "Save layout" (save settings). After restarting the computer and check. instead of Win, the key will be triggered "No.".

How to replace Win with something harmless

If suddenly someday you want to restore the functionality of the Windows button, just run this utility again and reset the settings (button "Reset keyboard layout" )

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