Wi-Fi Setup For Windows 7

Wi-Fi Setup For Windows 7

Instructions with pictures:

1. Click Start-Control Panel

2. Choose Network and Internet

3. Choose Network and Sharing Center

4. Choose Change adapter settings

5. Right-click on the wireless connection, select Connect / Disconnect

6. On the necessary network, click with the mouse and select Connection

7. In the window that appears, enter the network key

8. On the wireless connection, right-click and select The properties

9. Choose an internet protocol TCP / IP V4 and click The properties

10. We register the network card settings

In the IP address line, enter the value, in the Subnet mask line. the value, in the Primary gateway line. the value (for Billion modems), or (for other modems)
Select Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the IP addresses of the primary and secondary DNS servers (a list of their values ​​is given in the DNS Server Appendix)

Wi-Fi Setup For Windows 7

Push OK

Wi-Fi connection is configured.

If you need to remove the network.

In the Network and Sharing Center, select Wireless network management

Right click on the network and select Delete

Confirm removal click Yes

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