Why The Tv Does Not Show The Image At Normal Sound

Why The Tv Does Not Show The Image At Normal Sound

In the household appliance market, LCD (LCD) TV has taken its rightful place, along with LED, which proves their comparative characteristics. Manufacturers introduce the latest technology into devices and expand the functionality of devices. Despite the release of new models of plasma technology, the devices still fail. Many users are familiar with the situation when the picture is not broadcast on the display. In this case, it is necessary to find out the cause of the malfunction and call the wizard. This article discusses why there is sound on the TV, but there is no image on the screen, and how to fix system defects.

Monitor Failures

Problems with the video image of monitors are very common. In most cases the display does not light at all. But there are other situations:

  • the picture blinks, with ripples;
  • the video signal is interrupted;
  • a bright vertical bar is visible on the right or left;
  • blinking backlight;
  • squares or stripes appear in the image;
  • along the contour of the video image are red or green borders;
  • vertical color stripes on the screen;
  • the picture is barely visible.

The reasons for the loss of the image

The reasons why the image disappears, but there is sound, there may be a great many. It is not always possible to independently determine what exactly could break, and professional diagnostics will be required in the service center. No need to blame the manufacturer, since a similar defect is found on different TVs: Samsung, Lg, Sony, Philips and many others. It happens that the TV turns on, a splash screen appears, after which the indicating display goes off. Channels using the remote control are switched, and sound may be present.

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The main reasons may be the following:

  • the connecting cord is disconnected from the socket;
  • damaged wire;
  • the inverter has broken, supplying voltage to the backlight;
  • defective matrix, system board, backlight unit;
  • defect in the convector, loop or decoder;
  • electrolytes in the power supply are out of order;
  • unsuitability of an electrolytic capacitor;
  • in TV picture tubes, a defect in the frame or line scan;
  • the loop has gone from the matrix to the board.

Troubleshooting Tips

Tips in cases where there is no image on the LCD TV, but there is the following sound.

  1. Make sure the quality connecting cable. Replace unusable wire with a new one.
  2. On the back of the instrument, check the connection of the cord to the jack.
  3. Turn up the volume to maximum. After this action, the device will again work in the previous mode.
  4. Avoid any mechanical impact on the telly.
  5. Check out device settings. Turn on or off the output channels of the device.
  6. If network outages are common, get an uninterruptible power supply.
  7. In order not to aggravate the situation, contact the service center for the repair of equipment.

Note! Our recommendations apply only to a working monitor. In this case, the screen saver appears when you turn on the equipment. If the TV does not show the screen saver and the image is dark, this indicates that some element of the screen is not functioning correctly.

Why The Tv Does Not Show The Image At Normal Sound

Testing cable

In the case when sound is reproduced on the unit, but there is no image, you need to check the quality of the wire. Use the program Moninfo. The utility is designed to verify the transmission of video and audio. If the program detects a malfunction, it becomes clear that the problem is in the connecting cable. The image quality in principle depends on the correct choice of this seemingly insignificant detail.

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Samsung TV Troubleshooting

First you need to test the video signal by following these steps:

  • on the remote control, select the button with the image of the house;
  • go to settings;
  • select the options “support”, “self-diagnosis”, “start image test”.

After the problems issued, try to solve them using manufacturer’s recommendations:

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