Why Does Not Sound Work In Windows 10

Why Does Not Sound Work In Windows 10

recently, users have access to updating their OS to the new Windows 10.

This does not require an additional fee, all files are automatically downloaded after obtaining consent from the user. Since the system only recently came out in the public domain, often small errors and bugs occur.

Often, to solve the problem, you must reconfigure the equipment. Drivers of the old version are not always suitable for Windows 10. In addition to software failures, there may be poor contact between the sound card and the motherboard and other breakdowns. To solve the problem, you must accurately find out the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it.

For this, you do not need to install additional software, most often there are enough standard tools of the operating system and some knowledge. It is better to troubleshoot according to the previously described instructions from experienced users or developers so as not to cause even greater harm to your personal computer.


If the sound worked well before installing the new version, then probably the device could not automatically configure itself in the new environment.

In the OS, the work of a sound card can be divided into several directions:

  • system messages;
  • playing audio files;
  • sound track in the video file.

System messages can also include soundtracks for games and other applications. If the speakers or headphones are “silent” in one or more programs, you need to check the settings in them.

Most applications have the ability to turn the soundtrack on and off, and you just need to check the box.

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The standard verification tool in Windows 10 plays a small audio file. If the icon is present in the system tray, and there are no third-party messages, then your speakers may not be connected correctly or the cord just went off.

Do not forget to check the volume control, it is better to immediately set it to the maximum value.

For this:

  • just left-click on the sound icon;
  • set the indicator to the desired position.

Closely monitor system messages, as a rule, they are displayed in case of an outdated driver. It is necessary for the correct operation of the device and ensures its stable operation. After installing Windows 10, you need to update your sound drivers.

This can be done through the official website of the developer. We do not recommend using software from untrusted sites. They often host malware and viruses that are easily confused with sound drivers.


After you check the connection of your speakers and eliminate their malfunction, you need to try updating the driver. There should be a clause in its description where compatibility with different OSs is described. We find the latest version on the site and download it with the subsequent installation.

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We do this:

    we determine the name of the manufacturer of your sound card through the Device Manager;

Why Does Not Sound Work In Windows 10

If after these steps Windows 10 sound still doesn’t work, it may be due to the incompatibility of your hardware.

If there is no sound, only when watching movies you will need to install new codecs for the video player. Or select another player to view. The codec problem is one of the most common after reinstalling the system, so try to play the file on your native Windows Media Center to get started.

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After installing windows 10, the sound does not work

The problem of hardware compatibility with the just released operating system is quite common. A few months after the release, developers are actively working to fix minor bugs and troubles of this kind. The first updates usually solve the incompatibility problem.

Today, users work in different Internet browsers. In addition to the popular Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, there are others. After upgrading to version 10, many users noted problems with sound in the browser.

To check, just go to the same page from another similar program. Perhaps you need to update the flash player or another plugin that is responsible for the sound on the site.

Another reason for a malfunctioning sound card may be a poor version of the operating system. Every day on the Internet there are more and more different user assemblies, where advanced programmers independently edit the source code of the system, removing some functions from there and adding others.

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In order not to have problems of compatibility of system equipment with the operating system, we recommend that you use only the official version of Windows 10 and not install questionable builds from other resources. over, Microsoft enables users of earlier versions to upgrade to the "top ten" for free.

If you experience problems with sound, first check the connection of your speakers or speakers to the computer. After that, update the drivers to the latest version. To play video and audio files, you can use a standard player that recognizes most formats and does not load the system.

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