Where did the Touch ID window disappear in applications and what does iOS 13 have to do with it

I, in general, am not the most envious person, but sometimes I also want to enjoy fresh iOS updates as sincerely as others do. IOS 7 took away my interest in updates, which turned my iPad mini from a lightning-fast tablet into a lagging something. Since then, I have changed more than one device, but the fear of breaking something that already worked correctly installing updates still lives in me, and therefore you will never meet me in the queue for the latest versions of iOS. iOS 13 has confirmed that my position is not unfounded.

Where did the Touch ID window disappear in applications and what does iOS 13 have to do with it

What’s wrong with Touch ID in iOS 13

In iOS 13, in some password-protected applications, the fingerprint authorization window disappeared. This problem is very simple. Each time you try to enter an application, a window does not appear on the screen asking you to put your finger on the Home button and scan it. Instead, the screen simply blurs without an indication of the actions that should be taken to log in to the application.

Lost Touch ID window in applications

Where did the Touch ID window disappear in applications and what does iOS 13 have to do with it

Why the Touch ID window is not visible

This problem is observed in many applications that require the user to confirm their identity with a fingerprint, but not in all. In my case, they turned out to be Sberbank Business and Tinkoff Investments, although the Sberbank Online and Tinkoff applications are open to individuals without any difficulties. Surprisingly, in “Sberbank Business” the problem was solved by disabling and re-enabling Touch ID, but in “Investments” it remained. What it is connected with is not clear.

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At the same time, if you put your finger on the fingerprint scanner, even if there is no authorization window on the screen, authorization will be successful. Therefore, the bug in this case is not technical, but purely cosmetic. In any case, the work of the fingerprint sensor is not disturbed, and the data that it protects remain intact from unauthorized users. In addition, you can always use the set password – this opportunity also has not gone away.

Corrections iOS 13.1.1

The issue in question first appeared in iOS 13 and was not fixed in either iOS 13.1 or iOS 13.1.1, the output of which, it would seem, was aimed solely at fixing existing bugs and vulnerabilities. Either the developers decided that the bug is so insignificant that its elimination can be postponed until the next update, or they did not even know about its existence. However, the fact remains that many users may be confused by the lack of a familiar window with a recommendation to put a finger on the scanner, which means they won’t be able to enter the application.

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