What Should Be The Normal Temperature Of The Video Card

What Should Be The Normal Temperature Of The Video Card

Graphics card temperature

Surely every owner of a personal computer understands that the more serious the process will be launched (for example, some game or a demanding graphics application for system resources), the greater the load will be. Accordingly, the greater the load, the more the temperature of the video card will become, which is maintained or reduced, thanks to the cooling systems built into it. Today, the most popular video cards: with air cooling and water.

The airy way to cool the video card involves the use of special fans. coolers that are installed directly on the video card and cool it. As you might guess. when using a water cooling system, water is used. In this case, the video card does not have a cooler, but there is a small compartment where the coolant and tubes through which it passes to cool the video adapter are stored. It is believed that it is water-cooled devices that can work longer and better than devices with coolers. This is due to the fact that the cooler, unlike the tubes through which the fluid flows, needs to be cleaned from time to time. Otherwise, if it becomes clogged, it will not be able to cool the video card qualitatively and it may “burn out”.

Average and critical temperature

What Should Be The Normal Temperature Of The Video Card

Each video card has its own temperature limit and its average value. In general, the operating temperature for video cards on stationary computers is 55-65 degrees Celsius (on laptops this display is 10-20 degrees higher). As for the critical temperature of the video card, its performance is on average 70-75 degrees (depending on the model of the video card and how it is cooled). Do not forget that the clogging of the video card cooling system has a direct effect on the temperature of the video adapter. It is necessary to clean the ventilation system at least once every six months, namely: cleaning the radiator from dust and lubricating the fan.

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It should be taken into account that during prolonged operation of the video card at a critical level, you risk losing either itself or the computer as a whole. It is in this regard that each user should regularly check the status of his video adapter through special software. For example, you can use the programs: Everest, SpeedFan or AIDA64. By themselves, they are not much different (except for the interface), but thanks to their functionality, the user can determine the temperature of almost every component in the computer (processor, power supply, video card, etc.). Naturally, thanks to this, you can timely find out about the malfunction and effectively eliminate it.

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