What Is The Normal Temperature Of The Processor And Video Card?

What Is The Normal Temperature Of The Processor And Video Card?

After measuring the temperatures of the processor and the video card, you need to correctly analyze the data obtained to understand whether he is overheated or not.

It should be noted that for laptops, the operating temperatures of all components are an order of magnitude higher than for a desktop computer.

This is due to the fact that the laptop has a much denser layout. It is more difficult to cool its insides due to the smaller internal space.

Computer processor operating temperature

Also, one should not forget the fact that AMD processors heat more strongly than Intel, the latter have a normal operating temperature slightly lower.

What is the normal processor temperature of a desktop computer?

Now we’ll talk separately about the temperatures of AMD and Intel processors, since their allowable limits can vary up to 20 degrees!

AMD CPU operating temperatures

Those who have been familiar with computer technology for a long time probably know that AMD has always been known as “hot processors”. They always warmed themselves well out of the box. And over time, when the thermal grease in them dried up and the cooler was clogged with dust, an emergency shutdown of the computer often occurred.

What is the normal AMD processor temperature

So, little has changed since then. AMD both warmed up and continue to do so. Their normal operating temperature under load can go up to 80.85 degrees depending on the installed cooling system.

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In idle, their normal temperature is 50-55 degrees. If less is good.

Intel CPU operating temperatures

Intel processors heat an order of magnitude less. Under load, their allowable thermal range is about 70-75 degrees. In idle time. 30-35.

What temperature of intel processor can be considered normal?

Of course, for specific models, the lower limit can be much smaller, but if your processor heats up 85 degrees, then it’s time to start servicing the cooling system, which includes not only dust removal, but also the mandatory replacement of thermal paste.

The normal temperature of the laptop processor

For laptops with respect to the processor brands AMD and Intel, everything is exactly the same. Intel heats less than AMD.

What Is The Normal Temperature Of The Processor And Video Card?

What temperature is considered normal laptop?

But for both, one rule is true. if the temperature of the laptop processor in the loaded state is in the range 80-90 degrees or more, then as soon as possible you need to fix this matter. A laptop can tolerate overheating much worse than a desktop computer, and if you overheat a laptop for a short time, the consequences are likely to be very sad.

What temperature is considered normal?

In the world of Nvidia and Radeon graphics cards, things are exactly the same as Intel’s with AMD. Radeon, as a rule, heats up more strongly than Nvidia, therefore, the former has higher operating temperatures.

The same model of a video card, depending on the cooling system installed on it, can be heated more or less. In the load, the Radeon cards can warm up under one hundred degrees. 95-97 can be considered normal operating temperature under load in the closed case of most Radeon performance cards.

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For most Nvidia cards 80-85 degrees in the load will be considered normal. If you have it lower, then this is very good.

Normal temperature for the video card

One way or another, we advise you to clean the heatsink and fan of the video card cooling system from dust accumulated in them at least once a year.

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