We Send Personal Messages To The Instagram Network Via Pc

We Send Personal Messages To The Instagram Network Via Pc

Over the past few years, the Facebook company, which owns the social network Instagram, has begun to actively modify and develop the computer version of the network. At first, it was impossible to even see new publications from registered people from a computer. Today, users easily use the site and perform diverse tasks: view photos, like publications, write comments, subscribe to friends and acquaintances, publish content.

The site does not allow you to use all the usual functions. The web version is used for quick access when it is not possible to log in from the phone. Enter the correspondence or send a message to another user through instagram is not yet possible. Today we will tell you how to send messages on instagram through a computer, because there are indirect methods.

How to write SMS on instagram via computer

Speaking about sending messages, users mean leaving comments under the text and photo and sending SMS to Direct. The latter was not always allowed even from the mobile version; it was opened only from application version 5.0 and later.

There is no direct section where you can go, view the history of correspondence and start a new dialogue in the web version. You can leave short messages through comments on photos. If the person you want to write is open profile, you can do this even without having to subscribe to it. The sequence is simple:

  1. Go to the web version of the social network.
  2. Pass authorization: enter login and password.
  3. Find the publication under which you want to leave a comment and enter text.
  4. After writing a message, click on the “Enter” button located on the telephone keypad. Your comment will be sent.
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Comment sent. The method is not suitable for personal or intimate correspondence, as comments on publications see all the person’s followers, their photos or videos viewed.

How to send letters directly to Direct

To install the official application on Windows 8 and above, you need to go to the "Shop" section, find the instagram and click "Install."

After installation on the computer, open the program, log in and send messages. This installed program has the same functions as the application on the phone.

How to view messages via PC

Not sure how to view Instagram messages from a computer? After application on the computer and authorization in account, a tab will be displayed on the screen automatically. She will show a news feed where you will see friends’ posts, recommended profiles, write comments and like. To go to Direct, click on the airplane icon. Here you will see all the dialogs of the account, even if you previously conducted them from the phone.

If there was already a correspondence, then to send a message, click on the corresponding chat or start a new conversation by clicking the "New dialogue" button.

When choosing several interlocutors, you need to check the box next to the name of the person you want to write a message to. The advantage of SMS from a computer is that in this way it is easy to write even to someone who has a closed profile without having to subscribe. Enter a nickname in the search field and select the checkbox of the one that interests you.

What to do if the official program does not work

If the official program on the PC malfunctions, you can read the instagram messages from the computer through the shareware program for launching applications developed only for Android smartphones. Called. BlueStacks App Player. They recommend downloading it from the official site. After you need:

We Send Personal Messages To The Instagram Network Via Pc

With the BlueStacks App Player, the computer is slower. The emulator is free, some functions and working with them is different from a smartphone, but all the main advantages have been preserved: adding photos and videos, sending messages.

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Another advantage of the emulator is the use of the keyboard and mouse, the tune of notifications: when a new letter is sent to the PC, a notification pops up, since the program works in the background. Viewing messages through a computer is a convenient feature. With it, you can send text, photos and videos, organize a group chat.

How to write SMS on Instagram through services for promotion

Instagram social networking sites are a great solution for viewing messages and sending new SMS. Each service requires a username and password, so there is a risk of theft of the page. To prevent the loss of an account, after exiting and completing, change the username and password for the account.

How to write Instagram messages on a computer through third-party services for promotion? First you need to choose the program that suits you. There are several services:

  • ru. free for a week;
  • io. free access for only 6 days.

Programs for one-time use are suitable, but if you need to use Instagram and Direct regularly, it is better to install the official version or emulator.

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