We Make Gif (“Gif”) From Video On Iphone And Send It Via Imessage

The standard messenger for iOS this year was seriously pumped up, now the application supports many different chips and features. One of the innovations was the function of sending GIF animations to your interlocutor.

"Gifs" can be taken from the network or specialized applications, but Apple did not provide a standard ability to create animations on the iPhone. This can be fixed with a single application from the App Store.

What do we need

  • Any iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 support
  • Free Tumblr App from the App Store.

How to create and send a “GIF”

one. After installing the application (it is not necessary to start and register), open a chat with the interlocutor in iMessage and go to the section with additional applications.

2. Push button Store.

3. Tab Control activate the switch Tumblr GIF.

four. Scroll to the new section Tumblr in the bottom tab and give permission to access Photo and Camera.

5. Now you can shoot a video for animation or select a clip saved on the device by specifying a 3-second section on the timeline.

6. There is an animation speed setting, reverse and the ability to add captions.

7. When the "GIF" is ready, it remains just to send it to the other person.

Thanks to re: Store for the great tip!

Now you know how to quickly brighten up communication in iMessage and add a little variety to it.

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