Ways To Install Viber Messenger On Iphone

Ways To Install Viber Messenger On Iphone

Cross-platform messenger Viber takes pride of place in the list of the most frequently used programs on a wide variety of devices, including Apple smartphones. In the article brought to the attention of the reader, several methods of installing Viber for iPhone are considered, making it possible to quickly gain access to the capabilities of the service in various situations. The process of installing Viber on iPhone can be done in just a few steps, which are available for implementation, including by novice users of Apple products and software.

How to install viber on iPhone

It should be noted that both the creators of the iPhone and the developers of Viber for iOS tried to simplify the installation of the messenger client for users of Apple smartphones as much as possible. Some difficulties with resolving this issue may arise only for owners of devices operating under the control of outdated versions of iOS, but, following the instructions below, it is almost always possible to gain access to the information exchange system.

Method 1: iTunes

Today, to install Viber on iPhone via iTunes, you will have to resort to installing not the latest version of the media combine. 12.6.3, and only then install the messenger client. Download iTunes Distribution 12.6.3 for Windows, the required bit depth (32- or 64-bit) can be found at:

Download iTunes 12.6.3 for Windows with access to the AppStore

    Completely remove the already installed iTunes from the computer. If you did not install the tool earlier, skip this step. The procedure for uninstalling iTunes is described in detail in the material on our website, use the proven instructions.

In order to avoid problems when starting an older version of the program later, after uninstalling iTuns, delete the directory "ITunes", located along the way:

Important! During the installation of iTuns, you need to install Viber in the iPhone version in the second installer window, be sure to uncheck the box “Automatically update iTunes and other Apple software”.

At the end of the installation, run iTunes 12.6.3.

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Call the list of options by clicking on the menu of sections displayed in the program.

Select item "Edit menu".

Next, check the box next to "Programs" the list that opens and click Done.

Select "Programs" in the list of components available in iTunes, click "Programs for the iPhone", and then click "Programs in the AppStore".

Enter the query in the search field "Viber", then select the item to go "Viber media sarl." present in the resulting list of results.

Click on the name of the application Viber Messenger.

  • On the page of the messenger client for iPhone in the AppStore, click "Download".
  • Log in to iTunes Store,
  • by entering your AppleID and password, and then clicking "Receive" in the registration request window.

    Wait for the Viber package to download to the PC drive. Button Name "Download" change to "Uploaded" upon completion of the procedure.

    Connect the iPhone to the computer’s USB port and confirm the requests for access to information on the device in the iTunes window,

    and then on the smartphone screen.

    Go to the device management page by clicking the button with the image of the smartphone in the iTunes window.

    Next, select the section "Programs" on the left side of the application window. Downloaded from the AppStore by implementing paragraph 10 of these instructions, Viber for iPhone is in the list of applications.

    Click "Install", which will change the name of the button to "Will be installed".

    Click Apply in iTunes.

    When you receive a request to authorize a computer, confirm it,

    and then enter your AppleID password and click "Authorize".

    Click on Done in the iTunes window. In fact, the installation of Viber in the iOS device can be considered completed, it remains only to wait a bit.

    Look at the iPhone display, after unlocking it. After a while, the icon of the new application will appear on the screen. Gradually, Viber will boot and be installed in the iPhone’s memory. Next, it will be possible to launch and activate the messenger.

    After authorization in the service, you can begin to use the capabilities and advantages of Viber for iPhone!

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    Additionally. For users of devices with an outdated version of iOS (below 9.0)

    For owners, for example, iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2, the above method of installing Viber is one of the few ways to get the right application on the device. But the action should be slightly different than recommended above.

    1. Follow the instructions for installing Viber via iTunes from point 1 to point 12 inclusive.
    2. Log in to the App Store from your smartphone and go to "Updates".
    3. Next you need to choose "Purchases". A list opens that contains all the applications that have ever been installed on iPhone using iTunes or App Store on the smartphone itself.
    4. Tap "Viber" As a result, a notification appears about the impossibility of installing the current version of the application in the environment of an outdated version of iOS.
    5. Confirm the desire to download a compatible version of Viber. After that, the iPhone will appear, albeit not updated, but fully functional client service.

    Method 2: iTools

    IPhone users who prefer to fully control the process of installing applications on their device and are not used to putting up with restrictions imposed by Apple, for example, regarding the possibility of installing the latest versions of programs on their devices using official methods, can use files to install Viber into iPhone .ipa.

    C: \ Users \ username \ Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Media \ Mobile Applications.

    In the future, ipa packages, and Viber, among them, can be installed on iPhone using tools created by third-party developers. One of the most popular unofficial software tools for working with Apple devices, including installing applications from a PC, is iTools.

      Download and install iTuls on your computer.

    Installation instructions can be found in the material, which describes in detail the functionality of the tool and its advantages.

    Launch the iTools App

    and connect the iPhone to the USB port of the computer.

    Ways To Install Viber Messenger On Iphone

    Go to the section "Applications" by clicking on the item of the same name in the menu on the left of the iTools window.

    Call function "Install", by clicking "" near the advising inscription at the top of the window. In the opened "Explorer" determine the location of the Viber ipa file, select the application package and click "Open".

    Wait for the download to the program, verification and unpacking of the archive proposed by iTuls containing the software for installation in the device.

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  • After some time, Viber will be installed on the iPhone without user intervention and will take its place in the list of installed applications displayed in iTools.
  • Unlock the iPhone screen, make sure that the Viber icon is among other software tools. Launch the messenger and activate the account in the service.
  • Viber on iPhone is ready to use!

    Method 3: App Store

    The above methods of installing Viber on the iPhone are very effective and only effective in certain situations, but they cannot be called the simplest. For owners of fully configured iPhones running iOS 9.0 and above, the best solution would be to use the official Viber installation method offered by Apple. download from the App Store, preinstalled on all the manufacturer’s smartphones.

      Open App Store by tapping on the service icon on the iPhone screen.

    Click "Search" and enter the query "Viber" in the field for finding the page of the messenger application. The first output on the list is the goal. click on it.

    Tap on the icon "Viber" to go to the screen with more detailed information about the application.

    Tap the cloud image with the down arrow and wait for the components to download. After downloading the necessary file, the automatic installation of Viber will begin, which ends with the appearance of a button "OPEN".

    This completes the installation of the Viber client application for iOS. Open the application, activate the ID.

    You can start transmitting / receiving information through one of the most popular services!

    Thus, users of Apple smartphones can very simply and easily join the participants of the modern and multifunctional information exchange system Viber. In most cases, there are no difficulties with installing the messenger client application for iOS, and the process takes only a few minutes.

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