Watching Movies From A Computer On A Tv

Watching Movies From A Computer On A Tv

Compared to a standard computer or laptop monitor, the TV is more suitable for watching movies due to screen size and location. As a result, it may be necessary to connect a PC to the TV for this purpose.

Watching movies from PC to TV

To view videos from a computer on a large TV screen, you need to perform a series of actions. However, in many aspects, the instruction applies to other types of devices that can play movies.

Device connection

The only way to use the TV as a means of viewing multimedia data from a computer is to connect one device to another.


Today, many devices that can play video and audio content are equipped with HDMI ports by default, which allow signals to be transmitted at the highest speed and with minimal loss in quality. If possible, it is best to use this particular connection interface, since it is not only the fastest, but also universal, that is, it simultaneously works with video and audio stream.


The next commonly used connection interface is VGA. This connector is present on almost any machine, whether it be a computer or laptop. Unfortunately, there are often situations that a VGA port is not available on the TV, thereby limiting the ability to connect.


If you are the owner of Smart TV or are ready to purchase additional equipment, the connection can be arranged via Wi-Fi. This primarily applies to laptops, since not all computers are equipped with a special Wi-Fi adapter.

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The connectors for connecting USB devices are present on virtually any modern computer, and it is quite possible to use them to connect it to a TV. You can do this by purchasing and connecting a special USB-to-HDMI to VGA converter. Of course, for this, one of the suitable interfaces must be present on the TV.


If you want to watch movies through a PC on a TV equipped with only RCA connectors, you will have to resort to special signal converters. This solution to the problem is suitable in extreme cases, since the final image quality is greatly deteriorated in comparison with the original.


In some cases, especially when connecting via VGA, sound is not transmitted along with the main video signal from the computer to the TV. You can solve the problem by outputting sound from a PC to separate speakers or to the TV itself.

Software installation

To play movies on a computer, and in this case on a TV, you need special software.

Codec Installation

Codecs are one of the important parts of the system, as they are responsible for the correct decoding of the film. The most recommended is the K-Lite Codec Pack.

Player selection

To play movies, you need to install not only codecs, but also a media player. You should decide what specific program to use yourself, having familiarized yourself with the list of available options.

Movie playback

After installing the necessary software, you can start watching movies. To do this, among the files on the computer, select the desired video by double-clicking on the file.

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Solution of problems

Watching Movies From A Computer On A Tv

There may be all sorts of problems while watching a video or trying to play a video, but most of them can be easily fixed.


Even after the equipment is properly connected and configured, signal transmission problems may occur. We talked about the solution to some of the most frequently encountered ones in the relevant articles on our website.

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Problems can arise not only in hardware, but also with the settings of the programs used. Most often this concerns the incorrect installation of codecs or the lack of relevant drivers for the video card.


In the event of a lack of sound, we also prepared an article with possible solutions. Missing sound may be caused by missing or faulty drivers.

If after reading the instructions you have questions regarding this or that aspect, ask us in the comments. You can also do this on the page with specific instructions.


Each connection method we have reviewed will allow you to use the TV as the main screen for watching videos from a computer. However, only HDMI cable and Wi-Fi can be attributed to priority connection methods, since the image quality is maintained at a high level.

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