Turning Off The Screen In A Working Laptop

Turning Off The Screen In A Working Laptop

Sometimes a situation arises in which you need to turn off the laptop screen while it must remain in working condition. That is, do not turn off and do not go into standby mode / hibernation.

You will learn how to implement this on a particular laptop in this article.

Keyboard shortcut

Pay attention to the top row of buttons on your keyboard where the F1-F12 keys are located. As a rule, various images are present on them.

For example, on Asus laptops, the F7 key shows a monitor with a cross. When you press this button in combination with the Fn key, the laptop monitor turns off. The laptop continues to work. When pressed again, the monitor turns on again.

An example of the location of the display disable button on the F7 key

For Acer laptops, this combination is different. Fn F5 or Fn F6 depending on the model. At the same time, the corresponding image is also present on the screen off button.

An example of the location of the display disable button on the F5 key

Look carefully at the top row with the keyboard button on your laptop and find an image that looks like a monitor. Try to press this button once in combination with the Fn button, as well as without it.

An example of the location of the display off button on the F10 key

Fn button on the keyboard

If there is no button to turn off the display on the keyboard?

In this case, you can do the following. Set the laptop display to automatically turn off after a minute, provided that no key is pressed, and the mouse does not move.

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To do this, regardless of the version of Windows, right-click on the battery level icon in the lower right corner near the clock and select "Power" in the menu that opens.

A window will open in which in the upper left you need to select "Setting the display to turn off."

Display Off Setting

Next, opposite the "Turn off the display" everywhere set 1 min. or other required time, after which, in the absence of pressing the keyboard keys and moving / mouse clicks, the laptop screen will turn off automatically.

Setting the time after which the screen itself turns off

At the same time, the laptop will work and perform the actions assigned to it.

To turn on the display again, just click on any button or move the mouse.

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