Transfer Files From Computer To Phone

Transfer Files From Computer To Phone

There are many situations that require you to transfer any data to the phone’s memory. In the framework of this article, we will talk about all the relevant methods of transferring files to mobile devices.

Transfer files from PC to phone

You can send files from a computer, regardless of the installed version of Windows. However, in some cases, you may need an Internet connection or special programs.

Method 1: Sending over the network

The easiest way to transfer files from your computer to your phone is to use cloud storage. For this purpose, any web service that is convenient for you is perfect, be it, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Yandex Disk.

As for the transfer process itself, you just need to download the document from the PC version, and then download it on your mobile device.

As an alternative to cloud storage, you can resort to using an electronic mail box. However, for these purposes, you will need two accounts at once, from which you will need to log in to your PC and phone.

Method 2: Memory Card

Many modern Android phones are equipped with additional storage. a slot for connecting a memory card. The drive itself is universal and allows you to connect not only to a smartphone, but also to a computer.

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Note: Sometimes the phone may format the memory card so that the PC cannot read data from it.

    First you need to connect the memory card to the PC, following our instructions.

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Copy the necessary files to the clipboard in advance, highlighting them and pressing the key combination "CtrlC".

After that, using Windows Explorer, open the connected drive, navigate to the folder you need and insert documents by pressing on the keyboard "CtrlV".

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  • Disconnect the memory card from the computer and return it to your smartphone.
  • To access the transmitted information on a mobile device, use any convenient explorer.
  • This approach is the simplest in comparison with other options.

    Method 3: Direct Connection

    Thanks to this method, you can transfer documents from a PC to the smartphone’s memory directly, ignoring the need to use external storage. In this case, you may need additional software.

    Transfer Files From Computer To Phone

    Having established the connection between the computer and the mobile device, follow the steps from the previous method. After that, the documents can be viewed and used using any convenient file manager.

    Method 4: Synchronize your phone with a PC

    If you use a mobile device based on Android, and you need to transfer not only public documents, but also some hidden files, you can synchronize. This approach is the most complex, but as a result, the ability to transfer files in both directions without significant restrictions will become available.

    As in the case of Android, thanks to special software you can synchronize iPhone with your computer. We described this in more detail in one of the instructions.

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    Method 5: Transfer Files to iPhone

    If you own an iPhone, more data transfer methods are available to you. However, many of them are directly dependent on the file format.

    For constant synchronization, you can also resort to the iTunes service.


    Regardless of the method chosen, a detailed study of the instructions minimizes the possibility of difficulties. If you still do not understand something, we will be happy to help in the comments.

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