These are pictures taken on the iPhone 11 using Deep Fusion. What is this? 38

In recent years, Apple has changed its approach to expanding the functionality of its devices, preferring to serve them in a dosed manner. This approach has many advantages. Why, in the end, dump everything at once, if you can stretch the pleasure and, holding the target audience for some time in anticipation, release an update with the long-awaited innovation and thereby kill two birds with one stone? So there will be enough time for its development, and users’ interest in the new function will be higher if it is presented as the main feature of the latest update. Deep fusion not an exception.

These are pictures taken on the iPhone 11 using Deep Fusion. What is this? 38

IPhone 11 Pro Max triple camera can shoot even better

Apple introduced the technology for shooting Deep Fusion at the presentation of the iPhone 11. Its purpose is to deeply process the frame using artificial intelligence and neural networks to obtain the highest-quality photos at the output, regardless of the conditions in which the shooting takes place. Unlike the night mode, which can be controlled in one way or another, Deep Fusion remains completely invisible to the user, working completely in automatic mode.

How Deep Fusion Enhances Photos

These are pictures taken on the iPhone 11 using Deep Fusion. What is this? 38

How Deep Fusion Works

To improve the quality of photography, Deep Fusion uses several techniques. Firstly, the technology takes three shots with a short shutter speed before you press the shutter button, and then four more, one of which is a slow shutter speed. Thus, after combining frames, it is possible to achieve a higher level of detail of the frame. Secondly, pixel by pixel processing is applied. This means that the technology analyzes each pixel and improves it, obtaining the most silent and maximum sharp image without any highlights or dark areas.

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Probably, the heroes of the photos presented were specially dressed in thin knit sweaters to demonstrate how well Deep Fusion handles the processing of small details. The fact is that when photographing pockmarked objects, the cameras of many smartphones fall into a stupor and turn them into porridge. However, thanks to advanced pixel-by-pixel processing algorithms, Deep Fusion successfully coped with the elaboration of the details of the sweaters and at the same time managed to avoid overexposure where the difference in lighting is clearly visible.

When iOS 13.2 comes out

These are pictures taken on the iPhone 11 using Deep Fusion. What is this? 38

Deep Fusion – Replacing the Do Well Button

It was assumed that Deep Fusion will be available on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro right out of the box, but Cupertino decided to postpone its implementation until iOS 13.2. Most likely, the first beta version of the update containing Deep Fusion technology will be released today. In fact, the company was going to release an update yesterday, but several hours before the launch, it encountered unforeseen difficulties and was forced to postpone the update distribution for a day. Therefore, if you want to experience Deep Fusion among the first, it’s time to take care of finding an active developer profile.

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