The Screen On The Lenovo Tablet Went Blank What To Do. Dropped The Tablet, The Screen Went Out And Does Not Turn On

The Screen On The Lenovo Tablet Went Blank What To Do. Dropped The Tablet, The Screen Went Out And Does Not Turn On

Tablet screen does not work: what to do?

The tablet screen may not work for a number of reasons. Consider different situations in order to understand how to act in this case:

There is no picture on the screen, it is dark and does not work. The appearance of such a defect can contribute to various circumstances. For example, if the device has not been charged or the power circuit has failed, but the user does not know about it, then he can decide that the problem is in the screen. Try to find the “Reset” button and reset to factory settings. Of course, the matter may be in the display itself, but in this case, most likely, we are talking about a hardware failure. If the backlight is on when the device is turned on, but nothing else happens, the problem lies in the screen. Take the tablet for diagnosis to a service center. You may need to replace it.

The image is distorted on the display, or cracks or chips are visible. Bumps and drops are the main enemies of mobile technology, so if the tablet does not have a screen, think, maybe the device has fallen or moisture has got into it. If such a nuisance really happened, then most likely the screen will have to be replaced with a new one. But you need to pre-diagnose, because only the protective glass can be damaged. The replacement cost in this case will be much less.

There is an image, but it is impossible to unlock the tablet or the screen does not respond to commands. Carefully inspect the device: if scratches, cracks, browning or other defects are visible, then the resistive layer may be damaged or delaminated. In this case, the replacement of the touch glass or the replacement of the touch glass controller will most likely help. In addition, such manifestations often indicate software failures, viruses, etc. If there is a picture, but the tablet screen does not work, try resetting the settings. Flashing the device may help, but doing it yourself is not recommended.

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If you are not an expert in the field of electronics and do not have the appropriate experience, then it is better to entrust the tablet repair to professionals. Even if the tablet screen does not work due to a software malfunction or if a simple replacement of the protective glass is required, only the wizard will return the equipment to its working capacity as soon as possible.

Hello! Yesterday I dropped my tablet on the floor, after which the screen immediately went out. No visual damage. The sensor still works, the display does not turn on. Tell me, is there a chance that this will cost a normal repair, and not a replacement display.

Hello Dmitry. If you did not notice any damage during the inspection visually, then we recommend the following (ATTENTION! Everything that is described on our website is the practical actions of the MASTERS. When opening the tablet, remember that this is a complex device, and any incorrect action leads to more damage to the tablet!) If you agree do everything at your own peril and risk! then read on):

If someone dropped the tablet, the screen went out and doesn’t turn on, first turn off the tablet.

Then open the back of the lid and find the cable (connector) of the display, touchscreen. Different tablet models have different layouts and look different. An approximate photo of a couple of disassembled tablets below:

The Screen On The Lenovo Tablet Went Blank What To Do. Dropped The Tablet, The Screen Went Out And Does Not Turn On

Open the latches, take out the cable very carefully. We check visually for breaks on the tracks and on the basis of the loop.

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Reattach to the cable connectors.

Turn on and check the tablet. If the display is working, rejoice and write thank you comments below.

If dropped the tablet, the screen went out and does not turn on, after these actions, you have to take to the service center. Usually check the display very carefully, because when the display is off, the cracks, broken pixels are practically invisible

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