The Laptop Began To Turn Off The Screen During Operation, What Should I Do?

The Laptop Began To Turn Off The Screen During Operation, What Should I Do?

Question from user

Tell me how to solve the problem with my Lenovo laptop. During the boot of Windows (after the logo appeared). recently the screen began to go blank (you can hear from the sound that the OS has booted). What to do to turn on the screen, or already only in the service? It all started after the laptop was connected to a large TV screen. Isn’t something really burned out?

I must say that this problem is quite common. This can happen both due to software reasons (software malfunctions, incorrect settings, etc.), and due to hardware problems. From experience, I immediately notice that in most cases. software problem.

Judging by your question and its description, you have the wrong screen settings. those. laptop "thinks"that it is still connected to an additional screen and transfers a picture to it. Let’s try to fix it now.

By the way, if you have any artifacts on the screen (stripes, ripples, etc.), I recommend that you read this article here:

Why the screen goes blank. main reasons

Screen Settings (About the Projector)

When connecting the laptop to a TV (for example) or to any other screen. you go to the screen settings and set the display option:

  • show the picture both on the laptop monitor and on the screen;
  • show picture only on laptop screen;
  • Show only on TV, etc.

But after disconnecting the laptop from the secondary screen. he is not always "knows" about this and can continue to broadcast the picture to a disabled monitor, and your own. to repay. A kind of mini-software crash.

To set up the screen and select a projector, you can:

but) go to the Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound \ Screen, and select the link on the left. "Connect to a projector" (if the screen is blank. you are unlikely to find this setting by touch. However, you can go into safe mode, in most cases everything works in it);

b) press the WINP buttons simultaneously, then the right arrow and Enter. If it doesn’t help, again WINP, 2 times the right arrow and Enter again.

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By the way, when you click WINP. a small window appears with a choice of 4 display options:

  • computer only;
  • duplicate;
  • expand;
  • only a projector.

When you press the right arrow. then you change the set mode. By the way, if you select the last option and press Enter. then the screen will go blank (curious. can try).

Display Option Selection

IMPORTANT! On some laptop models. the screen can be turned off using special function keys. For example, in Acer laptops, you can use the keys "Fnf6". Key combinations are usually always indicated in the documentation that came with your laptop.

Power Settings

Also, the screen often goes blank due to power settings (note: most often this happens during idle times when you move away from the laptop / PC).

To check the power settings. open the Windows control panel, then the section "Equipment and sound", further section "Power supply" (see screen below).

In this section, you should see several power plans (balanced, economical, efficient, additional options are possible). open the settings of your current plan (see screen below).

Next you will see the setting "Turn off the display" : opposite this line there will be two different time intervals, depending on whether the laptop is running on battery or mains. Just set a larger number of minutes and save the settings.

After what time to turn off the display

Also note that on some laptop models (for example, Lenovo, Sony, etc.) there may be special additional applications for power control (installed with the drivers). Here to give recommendations on how and what is difficult, because software options can be a lot.

As a rule, to open such a panel (as in the screenshot below). just look at the tray icons, if you have such a manager, you should find the icon there!

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Lenovo smart power management

The problem with video drivers

If "flew off" drivers for the video card. then most often, the screen changes resolution (everything becomes large on it, window borders are not visible, etc.), in some cases colors, brightness, etc. are distorted. Rarely, but this happens, the picture disappears altogether, and the computer must be loaded in a safe mode to install the driver.

Because Description of driver issues. quite a big topic, then below I will provide links to my previous articles in which questions on finding and updating drivers are discussed.

This article will come in handy if you do not know (or have difficulty) how to enter safe mode. It is in it that you can remove the old driver cleanly and install a new one.

A large article that lists the best programs for automatically searching for and updating drivers. It will be enough for you to install the program and press 1 button. Further, the program will do everything on its own for you!

Manual installation of new drivers.

The Laptop Began To Turn Off The Screen During Operation, What Should I Do?

How to remove the video driver AMD, nVidia, Intel. completely and completely!

Often a new driver is not installed until you delete the old one. And uninstall the driver. not always easy, specials are often required. utilities for this matter. The article tells how and what to use.

Laptop virus infection

Of course, one can expect a lot from viruses: spoiling files, formatting a disk, sending virus messages, including "the game" with a screen: shutdown, torsion, brightness change, etc. True, such viruses are very rare. Nevertheless, I cannot but recommend checking the laptop with a modern antivirus with updated databases.

The article lists the best antiviruses of the current year. You can choose any of them after installing it. update its anti-virus databases and scan your computer completely!

Not all types of viruses are able to find and recognize the classic antivirus. If he didn’t find anything. Use the recommendations from this article.

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Another point!

Recently, it’s not the classic viruses that cause big problems, but adware that can be embedded in everything you can: on Windows, browsers, etc. It happens that such applications purposefully show you a large banner, and so you click on it, try to change the screen resolution so that only this banner is visible. As a result, an error occurs (for example, a conflict with the operation of the video driver), and the screen goes blank.

Checking and removing such adware from your PC will help you with this little note:

Overheating, dust cleaning

If the ventilation holes and the overall cooling system of your laptop are clogged with dust. then the laptop may just turn off when overheating. By the way, in some laptops (for example, in some models from ASUS), various flickers appear on the screen during overheating, or even the screen goes blank.

In general, it is advisable to clean any laptop 1-2 times a year (depending on the operating conditions of the device). Some laptops are quite simple to disassemble, and for cleaning it is enough to remove the back cover and carefully blow it all out; other models are the same. to get to the radiator, you have to "gut everything" device (which I do not advise people to do without experience).

He described his recommendations and advice in one of his previous articles, the link below.

How to clean a laptop from dust. alone at home.


If the measures suggested above did not help, you can try the Windows recovery option. (if, of course, you have control points and they were created when everything worked in normal mode).

Still, as one option, I can recommend downloading the laptop from the emergency LiveCD. This will help you to understand if the screen malfunction is related to Windows crashes.

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