The Best Programs For Monitoring The Temperature Of The Video Card And Processor

The Best Programs For Monitoring The Temperature Of The Video Card And Processor

One of the most dangerous factors affecting the performance of computer components is overheating. Most affected by the microprocessor and graphics adapter. Most often this happens at the time of maximum load. during games or during complex computing operations. To eliminate non-standard situations and timely response, there are special programs for measuring the temperature of the processor and video card.

When evaluating, we take into account the convenience of the interface, the functionality of the program when analyzing data from a processor or video card, as well as the fact that the utility can be universal and is used to solve various problems.

At the beginning of the review we will get acquainted with highly specialized programs that are “tailored” for working with one component of the computer. CPU (microprocessor) or GPU (video card). All applications in this category are free.

A specialized tool for monitoring temperature and other processor performance indicators for Windows 7-10. the program monitors the frequency of the "stone", displays the maximum and minimum temperature indicators achieved since launch.

The “trick” of the utility is the ability to assign two tests. checking the status of CPU sensors and its performance. All functions are located in a single window. The advantages of the program also include its portability, it does not require installation.

Another narrowly targeted tool for determining the temperature on the processor cores and the load on the CPU when running other programs for computers based on Windows 7-10. Like Real Temp, Core Temp has a simple single-window interface in which you can see information about the installed microprocessor, its frequency, energy efficiency, current and boundary temperature indicators.

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Integrated overheat protection deserves special attention in Core Temp. The user can set the temperature value, upon reaching which the program will send a notification or turn off or restart the computer.

There is even a link to updating the BIOS drivers in the utility’s interface, but in fact Core Temp doesn’t download the software on its own, but sends a link that leads to the developer’s website.

A powerful tool for analyzing a video adapter, especially useful when using a discrete graphics card. In addition to displaying the temperature of the device and the rotation speed of the cooler, the GPU-Z shows the model of the adapter, determines the operating frequencies, the chip area, the number of transistors, the type, frequency and amount of memory, bus bandwidth and other parameters. Using the program, you can identify the latest compatible version of DirectX, find out the version of the driver and BIOS.

The utility interface is logically divided into tabs. To read values ​​in real time, use the Sensors section.

The once very popular utility received its latest update in 2009. However, even now the program is compatible with many NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon video adapters, especially those that were released several years ago. Initially, the program was created for low-level overclocking of graphics cards by increasing operating frequencies and increasing the speed of rotation of coolers. To quickly change settings, even a profile system is provided.

It is not surprising that with such capabilities, RivaTuner can read the readings from the temperature sensor. The program can definitely be recommended to users of computers and laptops built in the last decade.

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The following programs are more universal, they are able to collect information about different devices and read data from various sensors.

A fairly powerful free program for analyzing system components. a processor, RAM, and a video card. The utility interface consists of several blocks. In the main section, the sensor readings and the degree of load are displayed online. In this case, the numbers are unusually visualized in the form of a speedometer scale and line graphs. Separately, you can see information about the system and information about the drivers. For those who like to squeeze the maximum out of computer resources, a special unit is provided to increase the frequencies of the graphics adapter.

A feature of CAM is the presence of a special overlay mode for monitoring the frequency of the video card and processor load in games. In addition, in it you can see the amount of memory used, the current and average value of the number of frames per second (FPS).

At the time of testing, the program only got rid of the "beta" prefix, therefore, not all available tools fully worked. the utility did not allow authorization through social networks, and also contained a number of non-localized items in the interface.

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