Reset The Battery Controller

Reset The Battery Controller

Let’s see which batteries are in principle:
– NICKEL-CADMIUM BATTERY. (or NiCd for short) nickel-cadmium;
– NICKEL METAL-HYDRIDE BATTERY. (or NiMH for short) nickel metal hydride;
– LITHIUM ION BATTERY. (or abbreviated Li-ion) lithium-ion batteries.

Recently used batteries Li-ion.

The first thing to do is calibrate the battery. In fact, there is a controller calibration.

First you need to discharge the battery to the end. disconnect the power supply, reboot, intercept the boot (so that the OS does not boot) by calling the BIOS setup.

Put the laptop on the end face as an ajar book (for better cooling. With the barrel up if it is on the side) and leave it until it turns off until the entire battery is dropped.

Allow the laptop (battery) to cool.

Further, not including the laptop, connect the power supply and leave it to charge overnight.

Typically, the controller marks both events (full charge and full charge), after which it starts to read the charge correctly. for some time, until the charge measurement error again runs up.

You can also try to read information from the controller with BatteryMon.

Reset The Battery Controller

If all of the above does not help, I’m afraid I will have to change the battery completely. We have almost any laptop battery.

Ask questions to our phone or icq and skype managers.

Pinout of the 9-pin DELL battery connector

Program for working with laptop battery.
The process of repairing a laptop battery is conditionally divided into two parts: replacing the elements and editing the contents of the EEPROM or internal flash memory of the battery controller. If replacing the elements is a simple process available to any novice radio amateur who has basic skills in using a soldering iron / spot welding machine, then programming the controller is a difficult step,
accessible only to the repairman having enough knowledge and experience. Battery EEPROM Works software is specifically designed to maximize the second phase of battery repair. Battery EEPROM Works makes this step as easy as 1-2-3. The user only needs to connect the memory chip (EEPROM) to the adapter and press the RESET button. All other actions will be done by the program. The remaining capacity (Full Charge Capacity) will be what you set before pressing the RESET button and will display the actual capacity of the new elements. The Cycle Count will be set to zero. The Manufacturer Date will be changed to the current date on your computer. The lock (Permanent Failure Flag) will be removed, as well as all other necessary changes will be made. The data in the controller will be like in a new battery.
Battery EEPROM Works supports most notebook batteries from different manufacturers

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Read SMbus data through the laptop battery connector.
Saving SMbus data to a text file.
Saving data in its own BQD format (BQ208X data file), for further use in cloning bq208X chips.
Read and write all memory chips used in laptop batteries.
Reading and writing data from flash memory and EEPROM in integrated memory chips like BQ2083, BQ2084, BQ2085, PS401, PS402, BQ20Z70, BQ20Z80, BQ20Z90.
Saving data from flash memory and EEPROM in BIN format.
Reset (zeroing) the parameters of the microcircuit to the initial (factory) parameters with one click of the mouse.
Cloning password-protected integrated flash memory (bq208X) microchips into new or non-password microchips.

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