Noir madness. Modder turned the bright Borderlands 3 into a grim analogue of Limbo

One of the fans of the colorful action movie Borderlands 3 worked with ReShade filter presets and was able to achieve an extremely interesting effect. Thanks to certain settings, you can make the game look exactly like the cult platform game Limbo. All colors fade, turning into white, black and grayscale. Looks damn atmospheric.

In addition to turning a bright shooter into a monochrome action film with a noir atmosphere, this mod also disables the user interface – apparently for a complete immersion. Interestingly, despite the curious effect and certain coverage of this modification in the media, users are not in a hurry to download it: at the moment, on the NexusMods portal, mod files were downloaded only 16 times. A vivid demonstration of the fact that games in depressive tones repel people – this is probably precisely why recently such a genre as post-apocalypse has blossomed with all the colors of the rainbow.


And what is there of limbo, just the color scheme?)

Blimey! Removed red, blue and green colors. this is phenomenal! you can also do with any game by unscrewing the sliders on the monitor to Zero

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If you reduce all RGB to zero, then nothing will be visible at all. It’s just a translation to Grayscale.
But there is nothing surprising or complicated. This can be done with the same ReShade.

In general, rotten news about nothing.

Humbled limbo graphics not comparing to bonderlands graphics.

What’s this? Debug mode and inspecting the environment through the depth buffer channel?

TrojanVoodoo, it seems neither the modder student nor the author of the article knows what the depth buffer is and may not even realize that such data is in almost any three-dimensional game, it simply is not displayed to the user.

who does this, could not leave a bloodthirsty (sin city)

But it does not slow down.

For interest, you can try, but drawing is not very happy.

It would be better if I posted it on Torent

but the system requirements immediately dropped probably)

It seems as if a person was playing with file modifications and broke something, but passed it off as an unusual modification.

Does it still require 1080ti ?!

Now it’s definitely going to go on my potato

Red blots of blood are asking here. will be just like Frank Miller))

Gee, hack for weak pc

Noir madness. Modder turned the bright Borderlands 3 into a grim analogue of Limbo

A first look at the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro: features that no one has

Today in Munich, the presentation of the new flagship line Mate 30 from HUAWEI was held, and we have already managed to get acquainted with the new products. Particularly impressed with the Pro version. Despite the external similarity with its predecessor, there are enough changes in smartphones. We tell in more detail and share our first impressions.

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Noir madness. Modder turned the bright Borderlands 3 into a grim analogue of Limbo

42 kg of grafon. The industry’s leading experts recognized the 2003 monitor as the best for gaming

Those born at the turn of the millennium are unbelievably lucky: with their own eyes they were able to observe the rapid development of technological progress. In the meantime, many familiar things managed to sink into oblivion over a couple of decades. For example, home phones or "thick" CRT monitors. “What if switching to LCD technology was a huge mistake?” Asked reputable experts from Digital Foundry, a technical division of Eurogamer.

Noir madness. Modder turned the bright Borderlands 3 into a grim analogue of Limbo

HUAWEI has found an alternative to Windows for its laptops

HUAWEI’s blacklisting by the U.S. Department of Commerce has not only affected the mobile market – desktop operating system licenses have also been threatened. However, the Chinese tech giant has already found a way out of this situation by introducing a line of laptops based on “homework” – and this is not HarmonyOS.

Corporation of evil. Why remove Google services from your smartphone?

We recently wrote that the new HUAWEI Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro will ship without Google services. However, soon there was a way – here lies instructions on how to roll the usual programs onto the Chinese flagship. But in the comments, you doubted whether this is worth doing at all. Indeed, from Google applications a lot of trouble. We have collected three reasons that encourage you to abandon the software of an American company.

Noir madness. Modder turned the bright Borderlands 3 into a grim analogue of Limbo

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha: what is known about the new flagship the day before the announcement

The day before the presentation of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, the manufacturer continues to warm up the interest of users in the future novelty. Official teasers hardly reveal detailed information about the device – unlike insider publications. A large-scale series of leaks revealed most of the key features of the device, including a sub-screen selfie camera, the design of the back cover and other features of the flagship preparing for the announcement.

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