It became known how gesture control will work in Pixel 4

One of the most original features of the Google Pixel 4 will be Motion Sense, which allows using a special "radar" to control smartphone gestures without touching the display. Shortly before the presentation of the new smartphone, a demonstration of the work of the original chip in everyday applications and even mobile games leaked to the network.

It became known how gesture control will work in Pixel 4

According to an insider publication, Motion Sense’s list of features will include the ability to mute the alarm, the sound of an incoming call and switch tracks in YouTube Music. At the same time, the same hand movement is performed for each of the three actions: presumably, their list will be standard for various applications.

Earlier, network sources reported that these functions will not become mandatory for use and may be disabled in the smartphone settings. It is worth noting that gesture control capabilities will not be available in all countries – according to the list of regions on Google, the new Pixel feature will not be available.

Another expected application for Motion Sense is mobile games. The Pokemon Wave Hello application, a demonstration of which has already appeared on the network, is designed to quickly adapt to gesture control.

The announcement of the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 4 XL with Motion Sense will take place on November 15th.

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