IOS 13.1.2 released – what’s new, all the innovations

IOS 13.1.2 released - what's new, all the innovations

Apple has released the final version of iOS 13.1.2 – another technical update for iOS 13. The firmware became available only a few days after launch final version of iOS 13.1.1. According to the description of iOS 13.1.2, the update fixed bugs and carried out work to improve optimization.

IOS 13.1.2 released – what’s new, all the innovations

iOS 13.1.2 – the next technical update of the operating system iOS 13. The following changes are implemented in the firmware:

  • Fixed a bug due to which the progress indicator in iCloud could continue to be displayed after a successful backup,
  • Fixed an issue where the camera on the iPhone might not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the flashlight might not turn on.
  • Fixed a bug that led to a reset display calibration.
  • Fixed an issue where Siri commands might not start through the HomePod column.
  • The problem with turning off Bluetooth in some cars has been resolved.

In addition, according to the description of the update from Apple, in iOS 13.1.2, work was done to optimize and increase stability. To install iOS 13.1.2, go to the "Settings"→"The main"→"Software Update".

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