In Iphone 4, The Power Button Does Not Work: How To Replace?

In Iphone 4, The Power Button Does Not Work: How To Replace?

If your favorite fourth-generation Apple smartphone doesn’t turn on anymore, you shouldn’t immediately write it off. it’s quite possible that the device’s non-working power key is to blame. In this case, it should be attributed to cell phone repair service center, where the replacement will be carried out competently and quickly. over, the repair of iPhones in Novosibirsk is carried out in many service centers. However, if there is time, desire, necessary tools and spare parts, then iPhone button replacement can be carried out independently.

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to change a broken part yourself. In this case, a loop is subject to replacement, due to which the on / off does not work. But before you get started, you should evaluate all your chances of success and familiarize yourself with the warnings.

Problems that may occur when replacing the iPhone button

  1. Loss of bolts;
  2. Loss of small parts;
  3. Loop rupture;
  4. Damage to any parts;
  5. Installing the wrong screws in the holes.

These are only the most common troubles that can arise during work, because in order to get to the cherished goal, you need to remove a large number of parts. So if the button on the iPhone, and there is a desire to replace it with your own hands, then carefully read the instructions.

IPhone 4 Button Replacement Instructions

This photo shows a malfunctioning iPhone 4 power button.

Here you can see the difference between a working and a damaged key. As you can see in the photo, the broken one (on the right) is more immersed in the communicator case than the working one.

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First you have to remove the back cover. To do this, unscrew all the bolts holding it.

Next, move the panel. It is important to put the unscrewed parts and fasteners side by side so that they can be properly assembled later.

After the panel is removed, it proceeds to disconnect the battery. First, unscrew the battery contact, which is located at the bottom of the smartphone to the left of the battery.

Now disconnect the motherboard from the power and disconnect the battery from the connector. We must not forget that there is also contact on the rear panel, so it is important to be as careful as possible.

Then dismantle the battery.

To get closer to iPhone 4 button, unscrew the bolts securing the bottom cable. He himself will not have to be removed.

We unfasten the loop and push it aside so as not to inadvertently damage it, and also so that it does not interfere with further analysis.

Now we turn to the upper loops, which stand in the way of the cherished goal. Unscrew the screws and removes the protection.

Now we open them.

In Iphone 4, The Power Button Does Not Work: How To Replace?

This photo shows the already disconnected loops.

Now remove the SIM card slot. To do this, insert a special tool into the hole on the slot and press. The sim holder should pop out.

Now disconnect the GSM antenna.

It’s time to unscrew the system board of the device.

Please note: in this photo, the screwdriver is pointing towards the moisture indicators. Under one of them is a bolt that must also be unscrewed.

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When removing the camera, one cannot but pay special attention not to slap it, otherwise the quality of the pictures will deteriorate significantly in the future.

We remove the motherboard. With it you need to be as careful as possible, since this is the main detail of the iPhone. If it is damaged, then telephone repair will end up with the device becoming unusable.

This photo shows the location iPhone buttons. But in order to dismantle it, you must disconnect it from the system.

To get to the loop, we also uninstall the speaker.

The tweezers indicate where the bolts holding the pusher are.

After the fasteners are removed, you need to remove part of the loop with the key.

Then you need to remove part of it with a microphone.

This is how a disconnected loop looks like.

This is how the pusher itself looks.

The parsing is over. Now you should change the broken part to a new one, and assemble the device in the reverse order. This image shows all the details that should remain after all the manipulations.

At iPhone power button replaced, and now there will be no problems while using the gadget.

After reading this instruction, you can get to work. It would seem that replacing the key does not require much effort, but the design feature of the iPhone requires a large number of actions, and it will have to be disassembled almost completely. Therefore if iPhone button is broken, better contact mobile phone repair service center, and we will fix everything!

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