How To Write A Personal Message On Instagram From A Computer Or Phone?

How To Write A Personal Message On Instagram From A Computer Or Phone?

Hello everyone, dear friends and readers. Dmitry Kostin is with you, and today I would like to share with you information on how to write a message on instagram from a computer, otherwise everyone uses it, but not everyone can correspond there.

Everyone thinks that Instagram is only able to upload photos for its subscribers or anyone who comes to your profile, but in fact it is able to perform the functions of a real messenger such as Viber, WhatsUp or Telegram. That is, this is a personal correspondence that will not be available to anyone except the interlocutors.

Of course, you can add a comment to any photo, but it turns out that everyone will see it. And I don’t think you want anyone to see your correspondence. At least I don’t like it.

How to write through the profile page?

In fact, there is nothing complicated. To do this, you just need to go to the profile of the person to whom you want to send a message and do one of two things:

  • Right in the person’s profile, you can watch the coveted “Write” button, which you must click on. True, if you are not subscribed to a person, then instead of this button the inscription "Subscribe" will appear.
  • Click on the three dots icon and select "Send Message" from the context menu. In this case, it is not necessary to be subscribed to this person.

Whatever you choose, the same messenger window will appear on the smartphone screen, where you can chat with a person by writing to him in PM. Well, then decide for yourself what you will send him: a simple test, a photo from the gallery or take a picture in real time.

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How to write in direct on instagram?

I know that many have heard about this terrible word, but not everyone still knows how to enter there. In fact, there is nothing complicated in writing a personal message in direct, no. Simply, on the main page of the application, turn the screen to the left, or click on the paper airplane icon. Hurrah! You are in direct. Actually, now you can choose your interlocutor from among your subscribers by clicking on the icon "".

And already there, by clicking on any person, a line of personal messages will open to you, just like in the previous case. The only thing is, if you went to direct for the first time, then nobody will be there. But clicking on the plus sign will allow you to chat with your subscribers or find other people.

How to write from a computer?

Well, if you are a fan of using a computer to publish and view photos or videos of your friends, I recommend reading about this method.

But, unfortunately, through the official website you will not be able to write a personal message on Instagram from a computer, since, so to speak, it is only in read mode. I mean, he is needed only for viewing photos. The programs that I described in my article about downloading photos from a computer are also not suitable for this, because this procedure is not included in their functions.

How To Write A Personal Message On Instagram From A Computer Or Phone?

But on the other hand, the Instagram developers themselves made the official application for Windows, in which you can write a personal message to anyone. True, there is a nuance. If your version of Windows is lower than 8 on your computer, then unfortunately this application will not be available to you. And for the rest, please. Windows 10 is best suited for these purposes. You can download the application from here. over, you do not need to have your own profile with Microsoft.

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And then, after you have installed and configured everything, go to the profile of that person with whom you want to exchange a few words, and click on the "Write" button. Everything is the same as in the mobile version, so I think that you will not have problems writing in PM. Again, in this case you must be subscribed to a person.

Well, the same instagram direct is available for this application. You just need to be on the main page, click on the paper airplane icon, and then select the person you are talking to from the list, or by clicking on the plus sign, find yourself a pen-pal among any Instagram users, including your subscribers.

When you find the person you want to chat with, just click on it until a checkmark appears in a blue circle, then click on "Next".

Well, then everything is classic. A messenger window will open for you, after which you can start a conversation.

Now you know how to send private messages on instagram. As you can see, there are quite a few ways, and therefore it is up to you to decide what exactly to use.

That’s all. I hope you enjoyed my article. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog updates and to my public posts on social networks. Good luck to you. Bye Bye!

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