How To Upload Photos From Your Computer To Instagram: Top 5 Ways

How To Upload Photos From Your Computer To Instagram: Top 5 Ways

Using Instagram via a web interface, from a personal computer, limits the functionality of the service: publication and processing of photo and video files become inaccessible. The article presents a selection of the three best ways to upload photos to "Instagram" through a computer, for true insta-mana.

Method number 1. Gramblr

A worthy alternative to the official photo program in "Instagram". Gramblr.

The application, whose operation is available for the Windows and Mac operating systems, allows you to crop and edit photos, add a description to the pictures, and even set "timer" to publish posts. The procedure for its use is as follows:

Download the service on the official website and run the downloaded file.

Enter your account registration information.

Upload a photo by dragging the desired image into the window.

Process file: crop, add filter, frame and description.

Post or by pressing the Schedule button postpone loading the post into the profile, indicating the date and time.

It is noteworthy that for the publication of pending photos it is necessary that the Gramblr program is running, and the computer remains connected to the Internet.

Method number 2. Bluestacks

One major benefit "Instagram" is the ability to not only publish, but also edit photos and videos. Cropping, color correction, filtering. built-in free service "photoshop" for lovers. Although Gramblr allows you to upload photos to "Instagram" from a computer, the program still does not provide the full range of features available in the official application.

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The Bluestacks emulator is the best option for working with full Instagram functionality from a PC. Procedure for downloading photos from a computer to "Instagram", using the Android operating system emulator program, Bluestacks, the following:

Download the utility from the official site and install according to standard rules. Run the program.

Connect Google account. To do this, after starting Bluestacks at the top of the menu, find the gear-shaped icon. Go to section "Settings" → "Add account". Select a Google account and enter account information / register a new one.

Install Instagram. In the search bar of the program enter " Instagram " and go to the official application proposed as a result. After installation, run.

Register or login to insta- account.

We are approaching the truth of how to upload photos from a computer to "Instagram" : drag the desired picture into the Bluestacks emulator window. The following mechanism for working with the publication of photos is identical to the mechanism in the official mobile application: editing, entering information about the geodata, marking users and adding a signature.

For users who prefer to upload photos to insta- profile via BlueStacks, one should not worry about the safety of account data: the emulator is distinguished by a direct connection with Android services.

Method number 3. Online posting

Downloading and installing PC applications is a time-consuming and lengthy process. Alternative way to upload photos to "Instagram" through a computer, without the tedious procedures, it will be the use of online services.

For example, the InstaPosting website provides the ability to post pictures or videos to your account without downloading additional tools. The service has the function of editing media files. absolutely free. You can use the technical capabilities of the resource after entering your Instagram account information.

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The work of SMMPlanner is similar to the functional tasks that the InstaPosting service performs. After a short registration, the user will be able to plan the publication of the post on a number of social networks (including on Instagram). You must download the file, supplement it with a description and install "timer".

Method number 4. Google Chrome or "Yandex browser"

A fresh innovation from Instagram has affected the procedure for uploading photos via a mobile browser. now it is not necessary to use the official application to publish posts.

So how to upload photos from your computer to "Instagram" ? Detailed instructions for working in the browser:

Go to the official Instagram site and log in.

Right-click in the window area and select the section "View code".

In the web developer panel that appears, find the icon depicting the phone. Click on it.

The website will open in a new window in the format for a mobile browser.

Next task: to find the button for adding publications and perform standard actions to upload a file to insta- account.

Done! The photo flaunts in the profile, and most importantly, no third-party tools and services were used for downloading.

Method number 5. Mozilla firefox

The process of adding a media file to Instagram through the Mozilla Firefox browser has the following sequence of actions:

On the official Instagram page, right-click on the screen and select "Explore item".

Similar to working in a browser from "Yandex" and Google, a web developer panel will appear on the page in which you need to find the icon in the form of a phone.

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If after clicking the button that allows you to upload the photo did not appear, enter the phrase in the User Agent field:

Now the browser is disguised as a mobile device, and now you can freely add photos to "Instagram". The algorithm for publishing photo and video files is similar to downloading in the application.

There are plenty of media uploads to the popular social network Instagram. The main thing is to individually choose the best option, and then you can safely conquer subscribers with stunning pictures, increase the audience and collect millions of hearts under the photos. Rest assured, the question of how to upload photos from your computer to "Instagram" will never bother you again.

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