How To Transfer Photos From Phone To Computer

How To Transfer Photos From Phone To Computer

Modern smartphones have more or less tolerable built-in cameras that allow you to take pretty high-quality pictures. Of course, professional photographers will find many flaws in these cameras. But most ordinary users are satisfied with the quality of pictures on the built-in camera, therefore they often use their smartphones for photographing when there is no high-quality camera at hand. over, modern dual cameras in smartphones have significantly improved the quality level of such photos.

After taking pictures on the phone, the user may need to transfer the captured photos from the phone to the computer to perform various tasks: creating an archive with photos on a PC, editing material in graphic editors (the functionality of editors for smartphones is limited and often inconvenient), creating presentations, etc. You can transfer photos from phone to computer in various ways, Some of these are discussed later in this article.

How to transfer photos from phone to computer through a cord

The charging cord can be used not only for its intended purpose (for charging a smartphone), but also for exchanging information between a smartphone and a computer. Using a charging cord for transmitting information is most reliable, since there is no signal loss with a wired connection, the connection is stable and constant. Of course, provided that a high-quality cord is used, and the PC and phone are working.

To transfer photos from the phone to the computer, the charging cord must be connected at one end to the phone’s connector, and the other to the computer (as a rule, the connection to the PC is via a USB interface). The computer must determine the smartphone, sometimes for this you need to install the drivers yourself, but in most cases the OS either installs it itself or does not require installing the latter at all.

Then the differences begin, based on the operating systems installed on the smartphone and PC. However, all actions of the user as a whole come down to the following actions: choose a connection method and actually transfer photos from the phone to the computer.

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Microsoft Corporation occupies the largest share in the OS market, so the following procedure for how to transfer photos from a phone to a computer through a cord is determined by the example of Windows, but in general, the algorithm is universal for all operating systems:

  1. Connect the smartphone to the computer via a USB cable.
  2. Select the connection option "media device (MTP)" on the smartphone. In different versions of Android, it may be slightly different, for example, sometimes you need to select the device as "Drive". With iOS, you need to do the same.
  3. After waiting for the OS smartphone definition, open the phone’s root folder on the computer.
  4. Next, you need to go to the PC along the path where the necessary photos are located (if you can’t find them, you can use the search).
  5. After that, the photo from the phone to the computer can simply be moved or copied like regular files.

How to take photos from phone to computer without wire

In some cases, for various reasons, the user can not use the charging cord in order to transfer the photo to the computer. In this case, you need to know how to drop a photo from a phone to a computer without a wire. Data transfer can be done wirelessly (WiFi or Bluetooth) PC and smartphone. It is also possible to use various cloud services and file storages, a card reader for connecting an SD card from a phone to a PC for these purposes. But this is far from all, here are listed only the simplest ways to take photos from a phone to a computer without using a wire.

Wireless methods for transferring photos from a smartphone to a PC are not always reliable and guarantee the safety of data, and some of them require additional equipment or Internet access. In contrast to how to transfer photos from a phone to a computer via a charging cord, the main advantage of wireless data transfer methods is their multiplicity and variety. From the entire list they can be selected in a specific situation the most suitable, which will satisfy the requirements of reliability and speed of transmission, the availability of equipment. If the user does not have a high-quality charging cord, he should use the methods below for transferring photos.

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Bluetooth photo transfer

Bluetooth. One of the most common specifications of wireless networks. It can be used to exchange various data between devices with its support, including for transferring photos from a phone to a computer. The data transfer speed and transmission distance depend on the version of Bluetooth supported by the devices. For 2018, the latest version of this wireless connection is Bluetooth 5.0.

If modern smartphones are almost completely equipped with Bluetooth modules, then computers are not equipped with all of them (most often they have laptops). For PCs, you often have to buy separate Bluetooth modules.

Transferring photos via Bluetooth is not particularly reliable (especially at long distances) and speed (especially old versions), but it also has some advantages: widespread, easy to use and low power consumption (starting with Bluetooth 4.0). To transfer photos via this wireless network, you must:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on the phone and computer;
  2. Select on the phone the photos to be transferred;
  3. Select sending via Bluetooth in the corresponding item on the phone’s context menu;
  4. Confirm receipt of files on the computer;
  5. Wait for the transfer of photos.

Sometimes before sending files, it is necessary to pair devices, and sometimes this happens automatically when you transfer files for the first time.

Transfer photos through cloud storage

You can use cloud storage to transfer photos from your phone to a computer. This option requires an internet connection on both devices. The data transfer speed depends on the speed of your Internet connection. This method of wireless file transfer has undoubted advantages: rather high reliability, high communication range (you can transfer data from anywhere in the world where there is Internet), ease of use.

Cloud storage allows you to transfer a fairly large amount of photos for free. So, Yandex.Disk, when registering for the service, provides 10 GB of virtual space. Google, and many others have similar services. The choice of service is not fundamental, the user can use any of them as he wishes. You can read an article about the best free cloud storage. Also, most likely, it will be useful for you to find out how to make unlimited Yandex.Disk for photos and videos from your phone.

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To transfer images from your phone to a computer, you must do the following:

  1. Upload photos from your phone to a cloud service;
  2. Log in to your cloud service account on your computer, where the necessary files are stored;
  3. Download photos from the service on a PC.

Yandex.Disk has a convenient Windows application that allows you to work with files on the cloud without downloading them directly to a computer. The application can help with a lack of space on the PC drive. It should be noted that Google has a similar application.

Transferring photos using a card reader

To wirelessly take photos from a phone to a computer, you can use a card reader. This method of transmitting information is quite simple and reliable, plus it has a high photo transmission speed, but requires additional equipment (card reader and micro sd card).

Meet this card reader that reads a lot of formats of flash drives

Card readers vary in type of connection. USB card readers are the most common, as this is the most popular connector for connecting devices and accessories to a computer. Widespread and SD card readers.

To transfer data through a card reader, you must:

  1. (optionally). Move or copy the photos you want to transfer to the micro sd phone. Skip this item if photos are saved to micro sd by default;
  2. Remove micro sd from the phone and insert it into the card reader;
  3. Connect the card reader to the appropriate computer interface;
  4. Wait until the computer detects micro sd;
  5. Copy or move a photo from micro sd to a computer, after having previously found files on micro sd using OS tools.

The ways to transfer photos from a phone to a personal computer without a wire, in comparison with how to transfer captured photos from a phone to a computer through a cord, differ in the requirement of some equipment that may not be available to the user. The charging cord is the necessary application to any phone, so the wired data transfer method is more universal. However, wireless photo transmission methods have some advantages. In the article, far from all methods of transferring photos from a smartphone to a PC are presented, only the simplest of them that an inexperienced user can use. However, simplicity in this case does not imply a poor result.

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