How To Transfer Image From Phone To Computer

How To Transfer Image From Phone To Computer

Despite the increase in screen sizes of modern smartphones, the full enjoyment of visual “goodies” on them is in doubt. The small size of the gadgets does not contribute to a comfortable viewing, because users are looking for various options that allow you to view the image from smartphones on the screen of user PCs. In this article I will tell you in what ways you can transfer an image from a phone to a computer, and what methods will help us in this.

The best ways to transfer an image from your smartphone to a computer

In order to display the image from the phone to the PC, I recommend using a number of programs created specifically for these (and related to them) purposes. Usually they work in the following way:

  1. You install the appropriate version of such a program on your smartphone and PC;
  2. Connect these devices to each other (by indicating a number of parameters or simply through a USB cable);
  3. After that, the visual content of the smartphone screen appears on the screen of your PC, and you can fully enjoy the enlarged image from the screen of your phone.

Let’s move on to a direct description of the programs that allow you to transfer the image from the phone to the PC.

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We display the image from the phone to the computer screen

Method number 1. Use the Apowersoft Phone Manager

Apowersoft Phone Manager is a professional tool that allows you to transfer data between your phone and a PC, backup files from your phone, take screenshots, and perform other useful actions with your gadget.

  1. To work with this program, download and install "Apowersoft Phone Manager" on your computer (button "Download Desktop").
  2. Launch the product, an image showing the screen of your mobile device (initially it will be black) will appear on the PC screen on the left.
  3. If you are prompted to purchase the full version of the program, click on “Evaluate”.
  4. Then the program will offer to connect your smartphone to a PC (using a usb cord or via Wi-Fi).
  5. Connect your smartphone using a USB cable, after which the mobile version of “Apowersoft Phone Manager” will be installed on your phone.
  6. After that, the connection will be created (you may have to disconnect your gadget from the PC, and then reconnect it).
  7. And you will see the images from the mobile on the screen of your computer (open the image in full screen by pressing the "Display in full screen" button).

Click on the “Display in full screen” button to enlarge the image.

Method number 2. “TeamViewer” (for Samsung phones) will allow you to copy a picture from the gadget to a computer

TeamViewer is a popular software package for providing remote access to a PC, sharing files between computers, conducting video calls and creating web conferences. Among the features of this product, there is also the option of displaying an image from the screen of one device on the screen of another.

  1. To demonstrate the phone screen to a computer, download and install the appropriate version of Team Viewer on your computer.
  2. As well as the program “Quick Support for Samsung” and “TeamViewer” on the smartphone.
  3. Launch “Quick Support for Samsung”, you will receive the ID number of your gadget.
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Smartphone screen with ID

Now launch “Team Viewer” on the PC, in the corresponding window “Partner ID” enter the ID number you received on the phone and click on the “Connect to Partner” button.

Enter the ID of your phone, and click on the "Connect to a partner" button

How To Transfer Image From Phone To Computer

On the phone, click on the “Allow” button, and you will see the screen of your smartphone on your PC.

Method number 3. Use Employ ApowerMirror to send photos

Employ ApowerMirror is an excellent solution for displaying images from a phone to a computer. It works both on “Android” (Android OS version 5.0 or higher is required), and on “iOS”, allowing you to easily and quickly transfer a video stream to your PC screen.

  1. The connection process is similar to the program already mentioned. Download and install “Employ ApowerMirror”, turn on USB debugging mode on your smartphone (it is located in the phone’s settings, in the developer’s functions).
  2. Then run this program on a PC, and then connect your phone to the computer through the USB cable.
  3. The program will ask for permission to install the appropriate application on the phone, click on "Accept" (accept).
  4. After installing the application on your smartphone, launch it on your gadget.
  5. In the menu that appears, check the box next to “Don’t show again,” and then click on “Start Now.”

Click on the Don’t show again and Start now buttons to begin the demonstration process.


In this material, options for how to copy an image from your phone to a desktop computer were considered. Usually, the functionality of one of the programs described by me, in particular “TeamViewer”, is enough to display an image from a mobile device on the screen of your PC. In the event that none of the methods worked for you, you can purchase a projector for your phone that allows you to display images of the smartphone screen on a wall or a large white screen.

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