How To Take A Screenshot On Huawei Honor

How To Take A Screenshot On Huawei Honor

Popular line of smartphones often have unique features. Huawei developers have made such a convenient and memorable "chip" the creation of screen shots. In this article, we will look at how to take a screenshot on Honor 10, 9, 9 Light, 8, 8 Light, 7, 7a, 7c, 7x, 6, 5 in standard and non-standard ways, as well as how to capture only part of the display or vice versa, take off a long page.

First, we list the various options for implementing this function:

  • hold a special key combination (a universal way for most devices, including Huawei Honor 8, for example);
  • use proprietary development of Knuckle Sense (a more modern version will work on Huawei Honor View 10);
  • apply a button in the system menu;
  • Install a special application for taking screenshots.

In all cases, find finished files can be viewed through the gallery.

How to take a screenshot on Honor by holding buttons

The most common option, because it allows you to make a screen on both Android Honor 5 and later models. It is based on the traditional way for the Android OS, namely the simultaneous pressing of the device’s power and sound adjustment keys.

It is advisable to combine the time holding the power button and volume down. In practice, you can press and keys with a small time span. To master this method, how to take a screenshot on Honor 6 or any other device, it is recommended to practice. for some, the system will immediately report on the picture, for some smartphone owners it turns out after 3-5 attempts.

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A slightly different way is implemented, how to take a screenshot of the screen on the phone in the 9th Android, which will receive Honor 9 Light, 8 Pro and more advanced devices of the line. In it, the creation of a screenshot is called up through the menu, which is shown by pressing the shutdown button for several seconds.

Screenshot with Knuckle Sense

If you don’t like the standard method, you should learn the corporate approach, how to take a screenshot on the Honor phone. The technology is called Knuckle Sense and involves the use of gesture control. Please note that for the first time the technology was introduced only in the 8th Honor, on earlier models of the line it will not work.

Before making a screenshot on Honor Android with a gesture, you first need to activate the corresponding item in the settings (on some models it is already enabled by default): open the control section using gestures and enable “smart” screenshots. By the way, this same setting makes it possible to remove part of the display or save several scrolls of the screen to a file (for example, if you want to get a screenshot for a long page on a site).

After activating the function to take a screenshot, just double-tap the display with your knuckle. A preview window will appear where you can save the picture, make changes or immediately share it.

The sensitivity may vary, depending on the model of smartphone. Somewhere a very easy tap is enough, so sometimes false positives occur during normal typing. Somewhere on the contrary, you need to quite seriously touch the knuckle. It is recommended to start with weak taps and gradually increase strength in order to find a level comfortable for you at which the smartphone will reliably determine the gesture.

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How to make a partial screenshot on Huawei Honor

A more interesting option for using gesture control is to remove a partial screen, as can be done on Honor 9. Pre-activation is performed similarly to the previous paragraph.

How To Take A Screenshot On Huawei Honor

To obtain part of the image, you need to open the desired screen, and then firmly press your finger on the display and circle the desired area, returning to the initial point of contact. It is best to use a knuckle for this purpose, this will make it easier for the phone to recognize the contour.

In the preview window, the outline you selected is shown in color outline. You can leave it in its original form or use the icons on top to get, for example, a shape in the form of a heart or a circle. The dimensions of the selected area can also be adjusted by stretching or compressing the borders.

The finished picture can also be saved, edited or forwarded.

How to make a long screen

Now let’s figure out how to take a long screenshot on Honor 8 Light or another model with support for this function. You can also use Knuckle Sense technology for this (it is assumed that you have already activated it as described above).

The easiest option is to touch the screen with your knuckle, and then, pressing it firmly, draw it across the display in the form of the Latin letter “S”. Strictly follow the form is not required, the smartphone confidently enough recognizes arbitrary spelling.

After releasing a finger, the system will switch to taking a long screenshot: the image will automatically scroll through, capturing the screen behind the screen. If you need a snapshot of the entire page, wait for the process to complete. If, for example, half is enough, re-tap the screen at the moment when the desired part is captured. Then you can edit / save / send it, as usual.

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An alternative option to launch the long shot mode is to tap twice to call up a screenshot, and then click on the icon in the lower right. Scrolling will begin, similar to the previous method.

Finally, you can hold down the sound reduction and power keys. Further actions are the same as when called through tapping.

Using the button in the menu

Another option, how to take a screenshot on Honor 10, is available through the menu curtain. For this, a special screenshot icon is used.

It brings up the same preview menu as other methods.

Using the Easy Screenshot app

If the previous options, how to take a screenshot on Honor 7 or other devices of the line, do not fit. use special applications. For example, Screenshot Easy ( allows you to capture an image or video from the display, and you can configure the capture in a variety of ways.

The program also has rich capabilities for editing the finished screenshot.

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