How To Save File, Photo, Video To Google Drive

How To Save File, Photo, Video To Google Drive

In the modern world, the importance of a quick and convenient exchange of information cannot be overestimated. Google Drive greatly simplifies our lives by allowing you to download documents of any type, easily view them and just as easily edit them, as well as provide access at various levels to other users. Today we’ll figure out how to upload a file to Google Drive.

Add files from your phone

Google provides access to files not only in the browser of a personal computer, but also through personal smartphones and tablets. You can download files from both phones on the iOS platform, and from a phone based on Android. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Depending on the device’s platform, open either the Play Market or the App Store.
  1. Enter the query “Google Drive” in the search box and click on the result.
  1. Click the “Download” or “Install” button.
  1. In any suitable application, open the selected file, then click Submit.
  1. From the context menu, select Google Drive.

The ability to add files through a mobile device makes it easy to manage your documents without making multiple copies. When editing files on a computer, tablet or phone, the changes will be available from all devices: using the storage provides access to the current version.

Download files from a computer

For many users, it is easier to structure and edit information using a personal computer. You can do this in two ways: using any browser or through the Google Drive folder.

Via browser

To download video, photos, contacts or any other file through a browser, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Open the repository by first logging in to your account.
  1. Press the blue “Create” button, then select “Download Files” or “Download Folder”.
  2. Using the window that opens, find the necessary file on your computer and click "Open."
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When using the updated versions of Chrome and Firefox, everything becomes even simpler: just drag and drop files onto the open boot page in the browser.

Be careful: if you upload a file with a name that matches the one already stored, only the updated version will be saved. Old versions, however, will also be available: in order to open them, just go to the "Version Control".

As soon as a notification about the completion of the download appears on the screen, the files will be ready to work from any device on which the client is downloaded to access Google Drive.

Via Google Drive folder

Often you have to edit text or image files on your computer, while storing them is more convenient on Google Drive. For this purpose, there is a free application Startup and Synchronization: it is designed for both Mac computers and Windows. The same program will help you if you need to synchronize a large amount of information.

When you uninstall the application from the PC, the current versions of the files will remain available in the browser. Once the client is installed, the Google Drive folder will appear on your desktop. Also, during installation, you can select any folder located on the PC. it will also be synchronized. Everything that you transfer to it will be automatically synchronized with the "cloud" and every device on which there is a Drive application.

The installation of the application on a PC is described in more detail in the next paragraph, and now let’s briefly describe it:

  1. On the download page, click "Download".
  2. After downloading, go to the "Downloads" folder on your computer and run the file.
  3. Wait until everything necessary for installing the program is downloaded from the Internet.
  4. Then you need to log in, specify the necessary settings and select, in the second step: which folders on the computer to synchronize, and in the third: what do you want from the Drive to synchronize with the computer.
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After successfully installing the client, you will need to follow these simple steps to add the necessary information to the cloud storage:

  1. Select the required documents.
  2. Add them to the Drive folder.

Now the selected documents will be available on all devices connected to Google Drive. It may happen that during the transfer of files, the Internet signal suddenly weakens or disappears. Do not worry: the program will automatically continue to transfer information as soon as the connection is restored.

Auto upload photos and videos

The application “Startup and synchronization”, in addition to greatly facilitating the work with documents on a computer, has another important advantage: the ability to upload an unlimited number of photos and videos. The program will provide access to images capturing important moments of your life from any device.

To do this, you must:

  1. Download and install the "Startup and Sync" add-on.
  1. Launch the client and log in to your Google account.
  1. Choose the type of downloaded documents: photo from the video, or other files as well.
  1. Select the folders from which you want to transfer photos or videos.
  1. Choose the appropriate size (and it is important to specify "High quality" to download an unlimited number of photo and video materials).
How To Save File, Photo, Video To Google Drive

After installing the application, the question of how to upload a photo to Google Drive will completely disappear: now the synchronization will be instant. When adding pictures to those folders on the computer that you specified in step 4, they will automatically be uploaded to the cloud.


A significant advantage of cloud storage is the ability to make edits to texts so that they are accessible from a phone, tablet and computer at the same time. You can change documents in two ways: through the browser and on the computer itself.

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Via browser

  1. Right-click on a document and open the "Versioning" section.
  1. Select “Download New Version”.
  1. Then, in the window that opens, find the desired document on the PC, select it and click "Open."
  1. Wait for the download to finish and click "Close."

These simple manipulations will allow you to store all drafts in one document for a month, which will greatly facilitate the work with versions.

On the computer

If you need to make changes to the information, just go to the Drive folder and open the necessary document on your personal computer.

When changes are made, the current version will be synchronized with the "cloud" without further action. Access to the latest amendments will still be possible from all devices.

Delete documents

When you delete a document on one of the devices, it will be deleted from the "cloud". However, if an error is detected, it is still possible to recover the information. Deleted documents are not completely erased, but first go to the trash. They are available for recovery until you re-delete them using your browser.

For complete removal, you need to click on the trash can icon in the menu on the left.

Next, or click on unnecessary photos or documents with the right mouse button and delete them in turn.

Or you can erase everything at once by clicking on the "Empty Trash" button.

In these ways, you can upload files, photos and much more to Google Drive using a browser or a special application on your computer, or an add-on for your phone. Thanks to Google services, downloading and working with materials and documents will be easier than ever. The colorful and intuitive interface makes file management particularly enjoyable and fast.

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