How To Play Dota 2 On A Weak Computer

How To Play Dota 2 On A Weak Computer

In each game, FPS is an extremely important indicator that ensures the stability of the game process, and there are several quite effective methods for increasing it, and, accordingly, improving statistics in Dota 2.

How to play DotA 2 on a weak computer?

First you need to edit video files. To do this, in the video.txt file (beta / game / dota / cfg), all values ​​located below settings.nowindowborder must be set to "0" and save the changes.

Then change the memory and processor settings. For this:

  • Hold WinR and write "mconfig";
  • In the item "Downloads. Advanced settings. Number of processors" select the maximum value.
  • The parameter "Maximum memory" is also set to the highest indicator.

Dota 2 settings for weak computers

They will help to configure DotA 2 for weak computers and some changes in the video settings. The larger your monitor of your computer and, accordingly, its resolution, the greater the amount of resources a video card requires in order to display pictures. If a slight loss in image quality is acceptable for you, you can slightly reduce the resolution set on your computer. But it’s better to leave the specified “default”.

Try using the “no frame” display mode. So you can easily jump from the game to the browser or skype, while without freezes and lags.

In the “advanced settings” section and of all the settings you leave the first three points: additional light processing in DotA 2, animation of portraits and lighting of the world. Everything else can be safely removed. Let the quality of the textures remain high, and the display of shadows can be set to average or completely removed. The quality level of screen processing do from 90 to 100 percent.

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Weak PC Settings for DotA 2

How To Play Dota 2 On A Weak Computer

If you use a laptop, make sure that the power supply circuit provides maximum performance. Enter the computer control panel, then “Hardware and Sound. Power. Create Circuit” and select High Performance.

If two video cards (game and integrated) are installed on your computer, make sure that Dota 2 uses the game. This can be done using GeForceExperience or AMDCatalist.

In addition, the following actions should help:

  • Terminate unnecessary processes in the Task Manager.
  • Update your graphics card driver and DirectX.
  • Switch to 32-bit versions of DirectX and DotA 2.
  • You can try installing Windows7 if you are using versions higher. It is compatible with most games, but it loads the computer much less.

After completing all these operations, Dota 2 should work on a weak computer without any delays.

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