How To Make Gifs From Videos On Iphone Or Ipad

How To Make Gifs From Videos On Iphone Or Ipad

The upcoming release of iOS 11 (review and installation instructions) contains many useful innovations, among which there is also the long-awaited function of recording video from the iPhone or iPad. At the same time, the resulting video, like any video stored on the iOS device in the Photos application, can be easily converted to GIF animation.

How to take a video from the screen and make a GIF right on your iPhone or iPad

Setting the Screen Record item in the Control Center

Check if the “Screen recording".

If it is not there, open Settings, go to the section Control point.> Customize controls and press the green button opposite the item Screen recording. This action will add a screen capture button to the Control Center.

Record video from an iPhone or iPad display

Everything is extremely simple here. First, go to the Control Center and click on the video capture button on the screen. The fact that the recording has begun is signaled by a change in the color of the status bar from standard to blue.

When it is necessary to complete the video recording process of the display, you just need to click on the blue bar located on the top of the screen. The video will be saved in the Photos app.

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How to get GIF (GIF) from any video on iPhone or iPad using Workflow

2. Run the application Workflow and click "" in the upper right corner.

3. Go to the “Gallery” tab and click on the search icon.

four. Enter your search query "gif"And select the result"Convert Video To GIF"

5. Click the "Get workflow", and then "Open".

6. Allow Workflow access to the videos stored in the Photos application by clicking the “Grant acces"And"Allow".

How To Make Gifs From Videos On Iphone Or Ipad

7. You will see a chain of automatic actions to create a GIF file from the video. Each of the parameters can be deleted if desired.

  • The parameter "Get Latest Videos"Indicates the number of videos that are available for conversion.
  • The parameter "Choose from list"Indicates the number of videos required to create a GIF file (default is 1).
  • Parameter "Trim Media" allows you to manually crop the video.
  • Parameter “Make GIF” allows you to customize GIF-animation (frame duration, looping, image size).
  • The “Quick Look” option allows you to view the resulting GIF.

8. Press the button Play to start the process of creating a GIF file. This will start the chain of actions in order: select the video,

9. Press button Done after completion of the process. Use the button "Share this"To share the resulting gif.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple. If you need to regularly convert videos to GIF images, you can send the icon of the corresponding task of the Workflow utility to the desktop for convenience. Also in the application there is a widget for the "Today" window. And the owners of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 will be able to start the process using 3D Touch.

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