How To Make A Screen On A Computer

How To Make A Screen On A Computer

Often, computer users have problems with the operating system. Turning to friends and acquaintances, they often hear in response: "Send a screenshot of the screen." There may be many situations when a screenshot may be needed. But what is it and how to make a screen on a computer?

A screenshot is a screenshot of your computer’s display. It can be obtained in various ways, from standard OS tools and ending with third-party programs.

Take a screenshot in Windows

1. Print Screen Button

Perhaps the easiest way to take a screenshot of the screen on a PC is to use the Print Screen button on the keyboard. Depending on the size of the button (written abbreviated on laptops), Print Screen may be designated differently. PrtScr, PrtSc or PrtScn.

We find the PrtSc button on the keyboard and click on it. Usually it is in the top row after the F12 button. After clicking it, a screenshot of your screen will be copied to the system clipboard.

Then open the “Start / Start”, find the folder “Programs → Accessories” and open the application “Paint”. Everyone knows that Paint is the “standard” Windows drawing tool. After opening the "Paint" click "Edit" (in Windows XP) and "Paste". You can use the combination of the "ctrl" and "V" buttons on the keyboard.

After this action, a screenshot “appears” on your screen. Click the tab “File” → “Save As” or the icon for saving the file as a floppy disk and save the image to any place convenient for you.

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details about taking a screen using the Print Screen button are described in the following video:

2. Scissors program in Win7

In Windows 7 there is an interesting program. “Scissors”. It allows you to get rid of the above manipulations. Open the Start menu and find the Scissors application in standard programs. By launching the program, select the desired area and click "Create".

After that, click the “Save As” button with the “floppy disk” icon and select the file storage location.

3. Screen capture in Windows 8

How To Make A Screen On A Computer

With Microsoft’s latest operating system, taking a screenshot has become much easier. It is enough to simultaneously press the Win button (the button with the Microsoft logo) PrtScn on the keyboard, and the screenshot will automatically be copied to the My Pictures folder in the image library.

Take a screenshot in Mac OS

How to take a screenshot on a computer if Mac OS is installed on it? Don’t worry, Apple developers have worked to make this process easier. It is enough to press 3 buttons simultaneously on the keyboard. ⌘ Cmd 3 Shift, and the screen screen will appear on the desktop. If you only need a screenshot of the active part of the screen, then you will also have to hold down the Space button.

Using software

In order to fully automate the process of taking pictures from the screen, many PC users use third-party programs. Among the popular screenshot programs are WinSnap, ABBYY Screenshot Reader, ScreenCapture, ScreenMaker, Joxi, QIP Shot. Some of them support automatic uploading to a third-party server with a link to a picture. This is very convenient when you need to quickly share a link to a screenshot of your screen.

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As you can see, the process of taking a screenshot from a computer screen does not take more than 1-2 minutes.

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