How To Make A Cctv Ip Camera From A Smartphone On Android

How To Make A Cctv Ip Camera From A Smartphone On Android

Android smartphones and tablets are capable of much, and their capabilities are expanded even more by applications. Even old or damaged devices can come in handy, for example, as an IP camera for video surveillance. If the device has a working camera and you can run the application on it, it will fit in to act as a video camera that can be installed to remotely monitor an object. In this article, we will consider which programs are best for creating an IP camera from a regular Android smartphone.

What is an IP Security Camera

In offices, private homes, porches, some property owners install video cameras to which they have access from a special device, smartphone or computer. Buying, setting up and installing such cameras is a rather expensive procedure, while something similar can be done from an old smartphone or tablet.

To turn an Android smartphone into an IP camera for video surveillance, you will need:

  1. Download one of the applications that will be discussed below (or their analogues);
  2. Set it to the observation site;
  3. Connect it to the Internet, preferably via Wi-Fi, as the mobile signal is not always enough to transmit images in real time;
  4. Connect the device to a power source if it is planned to install for a long time.

Having done the above steps, the smartphone will become an IP camera, which can be remotely connected. over, the functionality of some applications is such that the camera can not only broadcast the image, but also record it or, for example, only activate when motion is detected in the frame. Some programs may notify the user that movement in the frame has been noticed.

Installing a similar IP camera can be useful if:

  • It is necessary to monitor the events taking place in the room, for example, in the child’s bedroom;
  • You are going on vacation and want to be sure that everything is in order with the apartment, house, office;
  • You need to see who is ringing the door of the apartment or house, the camera can be placed near the door.
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There are a lot of applications for IP video surveillance cameras.

Configure IP Security Camera on Android

As mentioned above, there are a large number of different applications that can turn a smartphone on Android into an IP camera. Below we consider the two most convenient free programs that have a large set of options that can come in handy in various situations.

IP webcam

IP Webcam is a free Android application that can be downloaded from the Play Market. The program has a very simple interface and copes with the function of turning a smartphone into an IP camera. To start broadcasting the image from the smartphone’s camera via the IP Webcam application, it’s enough to scroll to the bottom of the options offered by the developers of the program and click “Run”.

To connect from a computer or other mobile device with the image from the device’s camera, you must enter the address displayed on the broadcast screen in the browser line.

Important: This method will only work if the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. If you need to connect to the camera remotely via the Internet, below will be described how to do it.

By connecting to the camera, from the browser page you can view the image, as well as listen to the sounds picked up by the microphone of the smartphone. It should be noted that for the convenience of viewing images from all devices, its output is provided using Flash, Java, HTML5 or JavaScript. In addition to viewing the displayed image, also through the browser, you can:

  • Switch between the front and rear cameras of the device, which allows you to see what is happening on both sides;
  • Increase or decrease video quality;
  • Zoom in and out;
  • Turn on the flash, focus, turn on the night vision function;
  • Record video or take photos;
  • Set video and photo options: resolution, scene mode, color effect, white balance and so on.
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If you want to broadcast outside the local network, you can use a VPN connection to connect to it. There is also the option of using a third-party ivideo application, in which you will first need to register, and in the IP Webcam application on the device, make the appropriate settings so that the broadcast goes to a third-party service.

The IP Webcam program is interesting in the number of options that each user can configure for themselves:

  • The application can collect data from various sensors: motion, sound, battery temperature, battery voltmeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, illumination, and so on;
  • You can install scripts in the program that will perform various actions. For example: notification by mail in case of motion detection, saving photos when motion is detected in the frame, taking photos at certain intervals and so on.

The application does not require high-performance smartphones and runs on Android almost any version. The program is fully localized into Russian.


Another convenient application for retraining a smartphone or tablet into an IP camera is Manything. Unlike IP Webcam, the program is not translated into Russian, but it has its advantages. The main difference of the Manything application is the constant synchronization of the device with the "cloud storage", where recorded videos and photos from the IP camera will be continuously transferred. Thus, even if the camera is broken, all information from it will be stored in the “cloud”.

Working with the Manything program is no more difficult than using the IP Webcam application. To start working with the application, you will need to go through a free registration. After that, the functionality of the program will become available.

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Please note: Manything is free, but it has the option of a paid subscription. Paid subscription involves the option of gaining access to multiple cameras simultaneously.

Having registered in the application, the user will see two large buttons on the first screen. Viewer and Camera. Clicking on the Viewer will switch to the selection of cameras connected to the account to view the broadcast image. Through the Camera button, you can put the device on which the program is running into IP camera mode.

In Camera mode, to start the broadcast, just press the big red button. At the same time, it is possible to pre-make various camera settings:

  • Set the shooting mode: constant or only when the subject moves in the frame;
  • Set the interval for continuous shooting of photos instead of video;
  • Set up a motion notification in the frame for other devices that have the Manything application included in the account used in the IP camera;
  • Configure the maximum amount of traffic allocated to the application.

This is only a small part of the options presented in the application, in fact, there are much more.

In terms of functionality, IP Webcam bypasses Manything, but in terms of usability, it lags behind it. Convenient configuration of push notifications, a client for tracking images directly from the application, as well as saving video on Manything servers are obvious advantages of the program.

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