How To Make A Cctv Camera From Your Phone

How To Make A Cctv Camera From Your Phone

Modern smartphones and tablets on the Android platform can perform a huge number of different functions. The capabilities of these devices are complemented by many useful applications. Thanks to them, you can give a second life to old or even damaged gadgets, for example, when solving the problem of how to make a video surveillance camera from a phone.

If the phone is equipped with a working camera and can work with the necessary applications, then it is quite possible to create a mini-system that allows you to monitor any object from a distance. For this, there are special programs with which the smartphone can easily turn into an IP camera.

Why turn a smartphone into a camera

Security cameras are installed as part of the security system. Under their protection are apartments, private houses, offices and other facilities. All information received is collected on various computer devices. However, the use of such systems is not affordable for everyone, and video surveillance is sometimes simply vital.

First of all, this concerns the monitoring of children in other rooms. Often cameras are installed at the entrance, allowing visitors to see in advance. Thus, these devices are used in many places, so most interested parties seek to reduce the cost of the monitoring process to the maximum extent possible, without loss of efficiency and quality.

This problem is quite easily solved by turning a smartphone with Android into an IP camera. Solving the problem of how to make your own video surveillance camera from the phone, in general terms, is carried out as follows:

  • Special applications download to the mobile device. After starting, the basic settings are performed. The quality of video files, the resolution level and other parameters that ensure operability are set.
  • Place your smartphone in the most convenient place for observation.
  • Next, the future camera is connected to the Internet. It is recommended to use a wireless Wi-Fi connection, since mobile communication does not always ensure the passage of signals at a sufficient speed. Due to this, real-time images will be transmitted without loss of quality.
  • If you plan to use your smartphone for a long time, it must be connected to a power source. In order to avoid unauthorized connections, you must set a unique password, as well as make changes to the default port.
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After correctly performing all of the above actions, the phone will turn into a full-fledged camcorder with the ability to remotely connect. Some applications enable the camera, in addition to broadcasting images, to record the received information and turn on only if there are any movements in the frame.

The main components of a mobile system

There are two options for organizing video surveillance systems. In the first case, cable lines are laid, and in the second, a wireless connection is used. A special cable not only transfers the image, but also provides power to the cameras.

If you plan to make video surveillance via phone or smartphone, you will additionally need a registrar that records incoming information and a router to access the Internet. It is best to purchase a set of equipment that is completely ready for installation and mount it yourself. Usually it includes several color video cameras, a recorder and connecting wires. To view images you need a smartphone, iPhone, iPad or other similar device.

If the smartphone itself is used as a video camera, then in the wireless version you only need a receiving device, that is, another phone, tablet or computer.

Smartphone setup using IP WEBCAM

Before receiving images on another mobile device or computer, the address displayed on the receiver’s screen is entered into the browser line. In this case, both devices must be in the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise this method will not work.

After establishing a connection, the camera starts transmitting to the open browser page all incoming information will be displayed. images and sounds.

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In addition, the browser allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Switch from front to rear camera so that video surveillance from a smartphone and viewing are carried out in a wider range.
  • Images can be zoomed in or out, and video quality can be adjusted downward or upward.
  • Focus, flash and night vision.
  • Taking pictures and recording videos with the configuration of all the necessary options. color effects, modes, and others.

Broadcasting outside the local network can be done using a VPN connection. In addition to the basic functions, the IP Webcam application, through additional options, collects data from various sensors. Sounds, movement, temperature and battery voltmeter, gyroscope, accelerometer, illumination and others fall under control.

In addition to the program, scripts are installed that perform actions such as mail messages about movement, saving photos at the time of movement, photographing at certain time intervals, etc. This program does not require high performance, all options are displayed in the menu in Russian.

MANYTHING smartphone app

There is another program with which any smartphone turns into an IP camera. This is the Manything application, which although not Russified, but, nevertheless, has its own positive qualities and characteristics. Its main difference is the ability to constantly synchronize the smartphone with the so-called cloud storage. In them, the IP camera continuously transmits recorded images. In the event of a smartphone breakdown, all data will be completely saved.

Working with Manything is as simple as working with IP Webcam. Before you start, you need to register for free, after which all the functions of the program will become available. If you wish, you can apply for a paid subscription, which allows simultaneous access to multiple cameras.

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After registration, the initial screen appears with two wide buttons “Viewer” and “Camera”. After clicking on “Viewer”, a selection of broadcast cameras connected to the account will appear. By pressing the “Camera” button, a device with a running program can be put into IP camera mode.

Before starting the broadcast, the application is configured for specific video surveillance conditions:

  • The shooting mode can be constant or only when the subject appears in the frame. Alert about movement in the frame is also configured for other devices that are logged into your account.
  • If you plan to take pictures instead of video, you must set the frame rate interval.
  • Setting the maximum amount of allocated traffic and other options that are used if necessary.

Cloud service for video surveillance

This type of service is not suitable for many mobile devices. It is mainly used with laptops and desktop computers. First of all, this is due to the low screen resolutions of older mobile phones. Applications of some cloud services themselves have low functionality. In the case of using multiple cameras, this becomes a serious problem. In addition, not all applications are compatible with the operating systems of smartphones and phones.

All these difficulties are easily overcome with the help of Internet resources designed specifically for working with cameras of mobile devices. Among them, the iDOM24.RU application is very popular, which can be configured in a few steps:

  • The digital camera is assigned its own IP address, after which port forwarding is performed on the router.
  • Next, the service is an account registration. After that, in the "add IP camera" section, find the desired device.
  • In the "View" section, make sure the images are available.
  • A special version of the program downloaded from the official website opens on a mobile phone.
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