How To Install Windows On Imac

How To Install Windows On Imac

After the Windows developers introduced the seventh, and then the eighth version of their operating system, some iMac owners wanted to install it on their computer. The best option for this is to use the Boot Camp program, which allows you to install the OS from the “windows” as the second system. In addition, Apple has released drivers, thanks to which the installation of new versions is quite simple and without any problems even for beginners. However, there are users who nevertheless encounter difficulties in this process, for example, interruptions in sound appear, not all function keys work, etc. Let’s try to figure out how to make sure that Windows is installed and all useful programs for Windows 7 iMac was as painless as possible.

Where to begin?

To begin with, let’s determine why the owner of the Apple device has a second operating system, especially since the developers have deliberately left everything that is connected with the “windows”. There can be a lot of reasons, for example:

  • Not all programs that exist on Windows have their own counterpart in iMac. Among them, one can note the rather popular and indispensable 1C: Enterprise.
  • If you recently purchased iMac, then at first you might be afraid that everything here is completely new. In this case, the second operating system will help to periodically return to the familiar environment.

So what do we need? Firstly, a Windows 7 or 8 distribution, depending on which version you decide to install. Secondly, a disk with iMac OS X. In addition, at least 10 GB of free space is desirable on the hard disk. And almost the most necessary. Boot Camp. It should be noted right away that not every model can be installed from Windows. So, the operation will not work on the iMac 17 and 20 inches, released at the beginning and end of 2006. With later models, problems should not arise.

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Tip: if you do not know your model, then fixing it is quite simple. It is enough to go to the official Apple website and specify the serial number of the device.

Install Windows 7 and 8 on iMac

Boot Camp is a program and driver that helps you install a second operating system on your iMac. You will need it when creating a partition for Windows and rebooting the installation system. Software drivers will subsequently provide the OS with the hardware of your computer. It will not be superfluous to automatically update the driver.

Before you begin the installation, you will need to update the OS. To do this, go to the Software Update on the Apple website. In addition, back up the system (you can use Time Machine for this). This is necessary so that in case of problems or accidental failure not to lose the necessary data.

How To Install Windows On Imac

Next, the direct installation of Windows 8 on the iMac begins. To do this, run the Boot Camp Assistant. After that, click Continue and select the amount of hard drive for the new system. To do this, you can simply drag the partition between the names of operating systems. The next step is the Partition button. After the operation is completed, the BootCamp disk with the volume that you selected appears on the desktop.

Now we insert the installation disk with the Windows 7 or 8 distribution kit, and go to the Start installation. And also you can create a boot disk yourself and do the installation from it already. After rebooting the system, the user will be prompted to select the partition to install. Of course, we need to ask the one we recently created. After that, click Disk Properties (optional). Here we follow the link Format. Next, the installation begins. During this process, you will need to set the settings, select the language, and more.

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It should be noted that after you have a second operating system, there may be problems with sound. To fix them, we will need an OS X drive. Insert it into the drive and click Next in the Boot Camp window that appears. After that, the program will ask you to agree to the terms of the license agreement, which you should do. Upon completion of the installation of all the necessary all necessary drivers, click Finish.

After another reboot, you can be sure that your iMac now has two operating systems. It should be noted that before you start the installation, weigh the pros and cons. After all, with careless actions, you can not only lose the data available on the device, but also damage the native system.

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