How To Install Windows 7 On Mac Using Boot Camp?

How To Install Windows 7 On Mac Using Boot Camp?

Posted by Macdayz Poster on 08.26.2009

I think that probably everyone has already heard about the new Windows 7 operating system, which seems to be fast, optimized, not buggy, and in general everything is super there (compared to Windows Vista, of course). : P And it is quite possible that some will want to install Windows on their Mac. To do this, you will need Boot Camp!

But first, let’s try to understand why, why should the “MacVodu”, who consciously abandoned everything that connected it with the Windows world, use it again? There may be many options. For example, not all software existing for Windows has its own analogue for Mac. the accounting package “1C: Enterprise” and the engineering package with the CAD prefix. In addition, many who have recently joined the Macovods are scared by the prospect of plunging into a new environment right away, like in a whirlpool, they want a “safe haven” at hand, in which you can return to. : lol: Simply put, there can be many reasons for having 2 operating systems on one computer, it all depends on the particular user.

So what we will need:

  1. Mac with an Intel processor and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher.
  2. Update OS (Apple.> Software update).
  3. Windows 7 disc and native DVD with Mac OS X.
  4. 10 GB of free hard disk space.
  5. Make a backup of your system using Time Machine, because during the installation process the disk layout will be changed, and this action in case of an accidental failure can lead to the loss of some or all files.
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So, when all of the above is done, you can begin the process of installing Windows 7 on a Mac.

First you need to close all the "extra" programs, even those that work in the background. Then you need to open Boot Camp (Programs.> Utilities.> Boot Camp Assistant).

Click Continue. Then you need to determine the hard drive capacity, which we will allocate for Windows 7. The minimum is 5 GB, but I recommend choosing at least 20 GB, because this way the system will work more stable and we will have more space for installing Windows programs. To increase the volume, drag the partition between Mac OS X and Window:

After determining the size of the disk, click on the “Partition” button. Partitioning a drive is usually fast, but partitioning errors are possible at this point. This process will end with a new 20 GB BOOTCAMP disk appearing on your desktop if you have not selected another.

Next, insert the Windows 7 disc and click on “Start Installation”:

After that, the Mac will reboot and the installation of Windows 7 will continue. You will be asked to select one of the sections for installing Windows on it, select the one that was created by us earlier and in the name of which is present BOOTCAMP.

. Attention! If you start the installation in any other section, this can lead to serious consequences and possibly even to the loss of functionality of your Mac!

Next, click on the button "Disk properties (optional)" (Drive options (advanced):

Once again we check that the correct section is selected, i.e. with notice BOOTCAMP, and click Format. Here a window pops up like: “The section may contain important data ”, OK.

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And here the installation of Windows 7 will already begin, the process is boring and not very exciting. You can watch TV for now. : wink: After completing the installation process and restarting Mac, pull out the Windows 7 DVD. Then, the Mac will automatically restart again and the installation will continue. Here you will already be offered to choose the language and other settings.

After completing the installation, the Mac will reboot again and Windows 7 will boot successfully. But immediately noticeably low resolution, this is because a normal video driver is not installed. This can be fixed by updating Windows.

Downloading and installing can take a lot of time, it all depends on the speed of your Internet connection. After downloading the updates, Windows 7 will ask you to restart the Mac again. Of course, we are not used to rebooting it so often, but what can we do about it, it’s Windows. : lol

After rebooting Windows 7, the display of the monitor will improve significantly and will be similar to a modern OS. Now you need to deal with the sound. it is now gone. But no need to worry, just insert your Mac OS X installation disc into the drive. Boot Camp will start here again, click Next:

Next, we accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next. Then we put a tick and click Install, the installation of all necessary drivers will begin. Finish the installation by clicking on the Finish button.

You will laugh, but Windows will once again offer to restart the Mac. : D Let him do this for the last time by first removing the Mac OS X disc from the drive. Click OK.

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Now that’s all for sure! : wink: Windows 7 has been successfully installed on your favorite Mac. To boot into Windows, you need to press the “Option” button and turn on Windows when you turn on the computer:

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