How To Increase The Sound Volume On Android

How To Increase The Sound Volume On Android

Sound is an important characteristic of any communication device, because a lot depends on it: a sufficient volume allows you not to miss a call, and the correct microphone setting allows your interlocutor to hear you loud and clear. But what if the maximum sound volume of the headphones, microphone or speaker is not enough? Sound settings change spontaneously, and the maximum volume rests on the automatic "safe limit"?

There are several ways to increase the sound volume on Android: using standard sound controls, using equalizer programs, and also through the engineering menu. But first things first.

A simple way to control the sound level in your phone

The fastest way to adjust the volume on the Android device is to use the Volume and Volume- keys, usually located at the end of the device. They are responsible for the volume of the active mode. If you press a key on the main screen (desktop). the volume of notifications is adjusted, in the game or player. the volume of the media. Most often, in the pop-up window with the volume slider, you can select “” (usually looks like a down arrow), and adjust the volume of all possible sounds on the device.

Other installation options are available at: Settings menu, Notifications. Several standard sound profiles are available to choose from; you can change the “General” profile for yourself.

Photo gallery: setting up sound on Android in details for a smartphone and tablet

In addition to the standard settings, in different versions of Android you can find other useful functions: options for improving the sound for headphones, amplifying the speaker volume, surround effects, and others.

How to improve the quality and increase the sound volume using programs

Volume Booster Plus

When you need to increase the volume level of Android, and there’s neither time nor desire to go into the engineering menu, Volume Booster Plus will come to the rescue. The lack of a Russian language in the interface does not hinder using the program: after the first launch, the application will inform you that it will analyze the characteristics of the device and select the optimal settings for amplifying the sound. To do this: press the Start key successively, Next two times, then Boost, then wait for the setup process to complete. The result is a box with the heading Success. All! The volume of the device is increased 2 by the specified number of percent. You can close the application.

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Photo gallery: setting up sound on Android using Volume Booster Plus

Increase Ringtone Volume with Simple EQ Equalizer

For detailed sound settings, the Equalizer Simple EQ is suitable. one of the simplest free equalizers on Android. The volume increase can be achieved by controlling the frequency slider 60 Hz, 230 Hz and others. Enhanced “bass” and stereo effect are immediately available. After the first launch, the program remains working in the background and provides the specified level of volume and sound quality in all use cases.

On the image: adjusting sound on Android using the Simple EQ Equalizer

How to make a loud call through the engineering menu

The most advanced volume settings are available through the device’s engineering menu.

Engineering menu (mode) is a special service program on devices with the Android operating system. Developers use it for the final configuration of the device, make the latest changes, check the operation of various sensors and perform system testing. The same application serves to obtain a large amount of system information, and among other things, helps to fine-tune the sound volume.

It is worth noting that an ignorant user should not walk around within the engineering menu without a clear goal. A careless “tyk” or a checkmark in the wrong place can either format the device or deprive the radio module of the treasured frequencies: the device will no longer “catch” the Internet or make calls. But if you do everything according to the instructions and do not deviate from the letter of the manual, you can adjust the sound volume in two counts.

You can enter the engineering menu using the service code or through the intermediary program. MTK Engineering Mode (only for devices on the MTK processor).

Video: how to set up quiet speakers

Video instruction how to increase the speaker volume:

You need to enter the service code in the dialing field (in the “dialer”), which depends on the device manufacturer.

Table: service codes for different models of devices on Android

Then the engineering menu will open. In it, swipe from right to left to go to the Hardware Testing page and open the Audio item.

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Photo gallery: how to add sound using the Android service menu

There are several points in the Audio section, we will focus on the first five:

  • Normal Mode. is responsible for the volume level in normal mode, without headphones and other audio devices;
  • Headset Mode. operating mode with a connected headset (headphones, portable speakers and more);
  • LoudSpeaker Mode. hands-free mode;
  • Headset_LoudSpeaker Mode. hands-free mode with a headset;
  • Speech Enhancement. talk mode (without a headset).

Is the music from the speaker not playing loud enough? Your choice is Normal Mode. Can’t hear the interlocutor? Click Speech Enhancement. Does the sound from the game in the headphones wheeze at maximum volume? Headset Mode. And so on, according to the circumstances.

When we have decided on the mode, by tapping on it we get to the settings page with several values.

Photo gallery: how to change the sound of a microphone, headphones, amplify conversational and music speakers on Android

Type. the list contains the type of custom equipment, its items mean:

  • Sip. volume of Internet calls;
  • Mic. microphone volume;
  • Sph. volume of the speaker (for talking on the phone);
  • Sph2. second conversational speaker (rarity);
  • Sid. do not touch (problems are possible!);
  • Media. media playback volume (Music, Games, Video);
  • Ring. ring volume level;
  • FMR. the volume of the FM radio.
How To Increase The Sound Volume On Android

The next is a list of volume levels. Level, usually seven. Each level corresponds to one press of the volume key. Level 0 is the quietest, and Level 6 is the loudest signal level. Here you can set your values, in the input box opposite the inscription “Value is 0

255 "(the specified limits may vary from device to device). Accordingly, the lower the value in this cell, the lower the volume. After making changes, you must press the Set button and the settings will be recorded.

The bottommost window will be “Max Vol. 0

160 ”, the value in the input field is responsible for the maximum possible volume, one for all Level levels.

Attention! Before changing the default settings, rewrite the factory settings or save screenshots (usually you can take a picture by pressing the volume down and power keys at the same time), so that in case of an unsuccessful change, restore the previous settings. And it is also not recommended to use the maximum values: try to limit yourself to an increase of 10–20 points. Otherwise, the risk of failure of the speaker increases: the appearance of noise, distortion, a complete mute of the speaker or microphone of the device.

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When you have decided on setting the required sound mode, the engineering menu can be closed, and the device can be rebooted, then all changes will be applied.

What to do if volume control is turned on. how to remove it

Some device models, as well as versions of the Android operating system, automatically limit the maximum sound volume when you connect the headphones or increase the volume above a certain value, in this case, you can use the Volume Boost program or its analogue. It is enough to install, run, and in the Settings tab check the box opposite Auto Start (will allow the application to load automatically and always work in the background). There you can check and activate the "widget" for managing the application, and placing it on the desktop. independently turn the volume control on and off, so as not to keep the program always active.

Photo gallery: remove the limit on the maximum volume of music on Android using Volume Boost

Eliminate spontaneous volume change

Sometimes users encounter a rare problem of spontaneous switching of the volume level, several factors can cause this:

  • Most often, such a problem was found among owners of too “smart” Samsung or HTC devices, as well as little-known oriental brands. First thing in the Settings menu > “Sound” you need to check the presence of the item “auto volume control”. The name may differ and contain phrases: in a case, in a pocket, on a table. If you have problems with sound, try to start by disabling such options.
  • Owners of older Samsung smartphones, such as the Galaxy S4, can detect malicious settings at: Settings menu > "My device" > Challenges > "Ringing loudly in the bag."
  • Also, similar settings can be in the "Settings" menu. > "Accessibility" and called: Smart Cover, Auto Volume, Pocket Mode.
  • If the device is equipped with a protective bumper or cover, it will not be superfluous to check if the physical sound control keys are sticking.

But remember! If on your device, when you connect a headset (headphones, portable speakers), the word "safe restriction" appears and reduces the maximum volume. this restriction is set by the manufacturer for a reason. It is primarily about the health of the one who uses the headset. Take care of your hearing.

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