How To Increase Speaker Volume On Iphone

How To Increase Speaker Volume On Iphone

The iPhone 7 is the first iPhone with stereo speakers (one at the top of the phone and one at the bottom), and it plays audio twice as good as the iPhone 6s. This is great, but not when you have an older model.

You can always maximize the volume when listening to music, watching movies or making calls on the speakerphone, but there is another way to make the speaker on the iPhone louder.

The method is suitable for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

How to increase speaker volume by iPhone

one) Open Settings.

2) Choose from the list Music.

3) Next click on Equalizer in section Play.

four) Scroll down and select Late night.

How To Increase Speaker Volume On Iphone

Now turn on some song with mode Late night, and then her by disabling this mode. You will immediately notice a difference in volume. Late Night mode is the loudest of all Equalizer settings.

It works even when you listen to music on headphones.

As the name implies, the mode is designed to increase the volume of audio for listening to music or watching movies at night. Equalizer settings affect songs played in the standard Music application.

The mode can also operate in other applications and games, as well as during calls. However, some applications (e.g. Spotify) have their own built-in equalizers that will not allow the system settings to work.

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