How To Improve The Performance Of Your Windows 10 Pc

How To Improve The Performance Of Your Windows 10 Pc

Do you want your Windows 10 PC to run faster? Devote some time to this.

Disable unnecessary programs that start automatically

To disable unnecessary programs, start Task Manager. To do this, you can press Ctrl-Alt-Del and select Task Manager from the menu. In the window that appears, click "Details". Select the "Startup" tab. Select the tasks you want to disable and click "Disable". If in the future you want these tasks to be included again, simply return to this tab and right-click on the menu that appears, select “Enable”.

You can use the "Task Manager" to get information about the programs that run when the OS starts and turn off any of them that you find unnecessary.

Of course, you can know many programs and services that start at startup, but many of them will not be known to you. You can right-click on an unfamiliar application or service and select “Properties” for more information about the application, including the path to it on the hard disk, the presence of a digital signature, version number, file size and date of the last change. In addition, you can also right-click on an item and select compatibility options.

The most interesting thing is that you can select "Search the Internet" where you will get a search by the name of this file in your search engine.

Remove visual effects

The visual effects in Windows 10 certainly look very nice. On fast, new PCs, they usually do not affect system performance. But on older and slower PCs, they can significantly affect performance.

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Just turn off these effects. In the Windows 10 search box, type sysdm.cpl and press Enter. Click on the “Advanced” tab and click “Options” in the “Performance” tab. Next, select "Ensure the best performance."

Run Windows Diagnostic Tool

Windows 10 includes a useful but, alas, a little-known tool to solve performance problems. Click WinX, select Control Panel All Control Panel Items Troubleshooting System and Security.

Create a performance monitor report

Windows 10 includes a Performance Monitor, which allows you to create a detailed report about your PC, detail possible performance problems and suggest fixes.

To get a report, type perfmon / report in the search field. Make sure there is a space between perform and /. Resource Monitor and Performance Monitor will start and collect information about your system. Although you will be told that 60 seconds is enough for this, it may take you a few minutes. At the end you will receive an interactive report.

Remember to check your PC for malware and adware. Often, just such software leads to a significant slowdown in your PC.

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