How To Enter The Registry Of Windows 7, 8, 10?

How To Enter The Registry Of Windows 7, 8, 10?

Surely you heard that using the registry you can not only manage the operating system, but even fix a variety of problems. Perhaps even the largest list will not be enough to describe them all, but one thing is certain: with the help of this function you can delete programs and viruses, configure software and do many other things. both simple and quite complex.

Most tips may already begin with descriptions of specific instructions. However, initially it’s correct to talk about how to enter the Windows 7, 8, 10 registry. This is a fundamental action. Not all users are aware of this, therefore, we consider it our duty to report immediately on several methods consisting in simple manipulations. Before that, we will briefly talk about the subject itself, to which, in fact, this article is devoted.

So! Registry. a very important part of the OS, which is a large database that stores in itself:

  • Settings and unique configurations for the computer.
  • The software part.
  • PC hardware settings.
  • Other important information.

It is important to remember that any changes, even the most minor ones, can quite critically affect both the operation of the device and the functioning of the operating system with the applications installed in it. Remember "Golden Rule" , familiar since childhood: “Measure seven times, double-check, and only then do something.”

We hope that you already have at least an approximate understanding of the situation, so let’s move on to options for getting into the Windows 7, 8, 10 registry. It has already been said once that you can do this in different ways, so we won’t waste time!

Run Menu

A fairly simple method that does not require any dexterity, with the exception of the ability to make the distance between the fingers of your hand about 6 centimeters. But here there is an interesting life hack, the essence of which is to use one of the fingers of the other hand for the second button. Why all this?

You need to press the keyboard combination of the Windows R keyboard to bring up this dialog box. You will see a simple menu with one line, where you will need to write “regedit” and then click “OK”. Done!

Google on the Start menu

Many users, frankly, greatly underestimate the opportunities that the operating system offers them. But in vain! Indeed, in the Start menu there is a special line with which you can search for necessary elements in the system many times faster. It can be either ordinary files or entire directories, shortcuts and much more.

You can also find the registry here, however, in order for the algorithm to find it, you will need to write the same word “regedit”. After a few moments, you will see the Windows database icon, clicking on which, you can get where you wanted. This is unbelievable, but you already know as many as two ways to open the registry in Windows 7, 8, 10! They are quite enough, but it will not be superfluous to read about others.

Command line

It is very simple to go to the OS “storage" using the command line. Simply put, this is a regular console where you can enter commands for managing software, doing everything the same way, but at a more primitive level.

How To Enter The Registry Of Windows 7, 8, 10?

There are many ways to open the command line. For example, you can go to "All Programs." “Standard” and select it there. Or call the Run dialog box and run the “cmd” query in it. You can simply use the “Start” by typing “Command line” in the search bar. There are a lot of options here, but if you decide to do serious business, we still recommend launching the console with administrator rights through the right mouse click.

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You will see a black window in which you can write commands. To start the registry, just enter “regedit” and press the “Enter” button. after that, you will see a window that is already familiar to you (of course, if you tried to open the registry in any of the ways described above).

Manual shortcut search

If, for example, you want to brag to a girl about a new way to open the registry, you can run it by going to the local drive where the operating system is installed and then going to the Windows folder. This can be called magic, but sometimes you can find the same shortcut for the registry, which allows you to go to the database and start working with it!


What conclusion can be made based on everything told? Yes, no! Use the convenient way to open the registry if you need to change or configure anything in the OS installed on your computer.

If you find this information useful, evaluate it, and do not forget to share the news about how to open the Windows 7, 8 and 10 registry editor with your friends so that they too learn to do something. We will be grateful if you write your comment and read other articles. Hide info , which have interesting tips and good programs! Thanks for your attention!

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