How To Disable The Headphone Mode On The Iphone: Tips And Tricks

How To Disable The Headphone Mode On The Iphone: Tips And Tricks

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Mode description

Mode "Headphones". This is a feature that allows you to adjust the sound on your mobile device with a headset connected. It is included in the standard settings. "IPhone".

This option helps to switch the ringer volume while listening to music. For example, with headphones connected, it is 50%. If you disconnect the headset, the smartphone will automatically switch to "Call", which implies that the sound will work at 100%. No additional settings are needed. Very comfortably!

But sometimes you have to think about how to disable on "Iphone" headphone mode. It turns on automatically when you connect the headset to the device. Ideally, it turns off in the same way: as soon as the headphones are removed, the iPhone goes into "Call". What if this did not happen?

Possible causes of the problem

The first thing you need to understand is the reason for this behavior. After all, the included mode "Headphones" leads to the fact that the subscriber does not hear his smartphone. There is no sound on it when the headset is turned off.

In fact, there can be a huge number of reasons. Most often, subscribers are faced with:

  • contamination of the device;
  • damage to the connectors;
  • system failure;
  • water getting on the phone;
  • high humidity indoors.

As a rule, it is possible to precisely determine the cause of the failure only by sorting out the possible options. Often turn off the mode "Headphones" without assistance. How exactly?

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There are many ways to deal with the problem being studied. How to disable on "Iphone" headphone mode? Users give each other a variety of tips and tricks.

You can try to connect the iPhone to the charger, and then restart the gadget. Before this, the headset must be removed from the smartphone. If this technique did not help, it is recommended to repeat the operation, but with the charger connected to the network. And instead of a regular reboot, carry out a Hard Reset. To do this, in the off state, the volume and power buttons are pressed "IPhone", after the Apple icon appears, they are released, and Had Reset is selected in the menu.


How to disable headphone mode on "IPhone 6" or any other brainchild from "Apple"? It all depends on the situation. The following tip will help those who are actively using a smartphone, but rarely connect a headset to it.

It is possible that the problem lies in the clogged headphone jack. It is recommended that you clean it carefully. To do this, it is best to use a toothpick or corner of a sheet of paper.

Once the connector is cleaned, you can try to insert the headset into the device, and then disconnect it. If everything worked out, then the smartphone will switch to mode "Call". Now another option is clear how to disable on "Iphone" headphone mode.


But that’s not all! As already mentioned, there can be many reasons for the phenomenon under study. All of them are eliminated by different methods. The most common errors and crashes were previously listed.

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How to disable headphone mode on "IPhone 6"if the previously suggested tips did not help? It’s enough to dry the gadget. It is possible that the error occurred due to increased humidity in the room. Do not be surprised if the mode "Headphones" does not automatically reset after falling iPhone in snow or water.

It is best to use a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner to draw out all the moisture. It is necessary to disassemble the device as much as possible, then dry it from all sides (including connectors), then assemble it. You can resume the attempt to switch the gadget modes. To do this, the headset turns on and off.


Another interesting trick. This is a reset of user settings. It will help those who are thinking how to turn off the headphone mode on "Iphone". To do this, you must:

  1. Turn on your mobile device and wait for it to load.
  2. Go to "Settings". "The main". "Reset".
  3. Press the button "Reset All Settings". "Erase iPhone".
  4. Enter the code from AppleID to confirm the operation.

The device will reboot. After that, it will be possible to restore user data and look at the result.

Extreme measures

Now it’s clear how you can turn off the headphone mode on "Iphone". All suggested methods help in most cases. There is another interesting and risky trick.

Some users recommend placing the device in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes. After that, you can connect and disconnect the headset. All changes should happen automatically.

Now it’s clear how to turn off on "Iphone" headphone mode. If all of the above recommendations did not help, it is best to take the device to a service center. It is likely that they will be able to quickly determine the cause of the failure and return the smartphone to working condition.

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