How To Disable Forced Slowdown On Iphone And Check Battery Status

How To Disable Forced Slowdown On Iphone And Check Battery Status

One of the most important components of any smartphone is the battery. Recently, scandalous recognition by Apple that the company really slows down the operation of older devices has caused great resonance, and this slowdown is directly related to the battery.

As explained on Apple’s tech support page, battery performance depends on a number of variables. Over time, it decreases, and at the same time, the performance of the iPhone itself decreases. Below we will tell you how to check the battery status (capacity and performance) on your iPhone.

Which iPhones have Battery Status?

Starting with version iOS 11.3, iPhone 6 and newer models have a feature that allows you to check the battery status and get tips on how to replace it. To check the battery status, go to "Settings""Battery""Battery Status".

On which iPhones can I disable Force Slow

In addition, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X were able to check the status of the performance management function. It is this function that changes the maximum battery performance, thereby slowing down the iPhone. It is needed to prevent the device from turning off unexpectedly, and you can turn it off if necessary. After upgrading to iOS 11.3, the controversial feature is disabled by default and only turns on after the first unexpected shutdown of an iPhone with a battery whose capacity is insufficient to provide the required level of maximum instantaneous power.

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After upgrading to iOS 11.3 (and higher), you can also use the performance management system responsible for the correct operation of the battery and the iPhone itself. The performance of the gadget at different ambient temperatures and the voltage on the hardware parts depends on the system. The system plays a key role in ensuring the safety and functionality of the device, and cannot be disabled.

All possible uses of the performance management function are described below.

iPhone with maximum battery capacity

So, in order to check the maximum battery capacity (meaning the current capacity in relation to the capacity of the new battery), go to "Settings""Battery""Battery Status". When you first turn on a new device, the battery performance is one hundred percent.

Over time, the chemical aging of the battery occurs, and it has to be charged more often. Typically, after 500 recharges, the battery capacity is 80% (in detail).

A one-year warranty issued upon purchase of a device gives the right to service (free) repair of a faulty battery. After the warranty period, paid repair is possible.

Normal Performance iPhone

In section "Battery Status" You can also find out about peak battery performance. If a message is displayed on the screen “The battery now supports normal peak performance.”, it means that productivity is normal, and its management function has not yet been included.

How to disable iPhone forced slowdown

As mentioned above, if at some point the peak battery power is not enough and your iPhone suddenly shuts down, performance management function activated automatically. In this case, the following notification will appear on the screen:

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“This iPhone turned off unexpectedly because the battery could not provide the required peak power. To help prevent such outages in the future, performance management has been enabled. Disconnect ".

Clicking on Disable, You can deactivate the function. Keep in mind that then you can’t turn it on again. the function activates itself after turning off the device. Do not worry, if necessary, you can always turn it off again.

IPhone battery status unknown

In some cases, iOS is not able to determine the battery status. For example, the battery was not installed correctly, or for some reason the “OS” cannot recognize it. Then in the “Battery Status” section you will see the following message:

How To Disable Forced Slowdown On Iphone And Check Battery Status

“Failed to determine the battery status on this iPhone. An Apple Authorized Service Provider may service the battery. Learn more about battery maintenance. ”

Performance management function is disabled, how to enable again

If you have disabled the performance management function, a message similar to the following appears:

“This iPhone turned off unexpectedly because the battery could not provide the required peak power. Performance management has been disabled manually. ”

As mentioned above, the function is activated again if your iPhone suddenly turns off again.

IPhone battery deteriorates

Sometimes the battery condition deteriorates significantly, which is a safety hazard. You can still use your device, but do not be surprised if it will “slow down” a lot, and you will have to run around all the time looking for a power outlet to recharge a constantly discharging gadget. If you want to return your iPhone to its former speed, you will have to take care of a new battery.

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Here is how the message will look in the section "Battery Status", If the battery is not OK:

“The battery condition has deteriorated significantly. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full capacity and performance. Learn more about battery maintenance. ”

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