How To Connect Airpods To Android

How To Connect Airpods To Android

Apple’s Bluetooth headphones are not just for iPhone owners. Alternative OSs also support them. you just need to figure out how to connect AirPods to Android. In this article, we will consider the connection sequence, as well as possible limitations that arise due to use outside the “native” ecosystem.

First of all, we’ll figure out whether AirPods are basically suitable for Android and what is required for correct operation. Headphones Apple Air Subs, from the point of view of a smartphone. this is a normal wireless headset. Yes, special hardware is installed in it, which provides a wow-effect when used with iPhone: if you just flip open the case cover, your smartphone will instantly establish a connection and show the current battery charge. But communication is via standard Bluetooth, which works equally on both platforms. It provides AirPods compatibility with Android.

To make sure your Android devices work with AirPods, check the specification for Bluetooth support. It will take at least version 4.0 to properly stream music to them.

Connect AirPods to Android

Regardless of whether AirPods connects to Android or another compatible device (for example, a Windows tablet), the algorithm of actions will be the same:

  1. Place Apple Air Sub in the original case and close the lid.
  2. Open the cover. The indicator light will light up inside. Check on it whether it is possible to connect AirPods to Android. a green light indicates a sufficient level of charge and readiness for work.
  3. On the back surface of the case, press the special button and keep it pressed.
  4. Soon, the indicator will switch to blinking white. This means that the headphones have switched to pairing mode and are ready to connect.
  5. On your smartphone, go to the wireless settings and activate the Bluetooth connection.
  6. The device will scan. Keep in mind that the range of Bluetooth is limited, so do not take the case away. Then click on the found AirPods to establish a connection.
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Everything, after that they can be used as a normal headset.


When used with iOS, the headphones act as the hardware part of the voice assistant. by double tapping, you can launch Siri and give him a variety of instructions. However, if you connect AirPods wireless headphones to Android via bluetooth as a standard headset, this functionality will not be available. Unfortunately, you cannot reconfigure them for use with installed assistants (for example, Google’s assistant).

How To Connect Airpods To Android

Touch control also does not work on all devices. Even if you properly connect the Apple AirPods to an Android smartphone, tapping the case can sometimes act as a pause / resume playing, but more often it is not recognized by the device at all. Therefore, you will have to change tracks or adjust the volume from a sound-transmitting device.

There is another significant limitation. when making a basic connection, it will not work to view the charge level. However, there is a workaround: you can install from the Play Market’s special application for AirPods for Android. It’s called AirBattery (

After you plug in your AirPods, you can use it to set up the display of the charge on Android. By default, almost the same alert is shown as on iOS.

However, you can enable a constant display as an alert.

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