How To Clear Memory On The Iphone – Step-By-Step Instructions And Features

How To Clear Memory On The Iphone. Step-By-Step Instructions And Features

iPhone iconic products from Apple, which has been able to win the hearts of many subscribers. This is a kind of multi-functional smartphone with unique features and applications. A variety of data can be stored on the phone. But sometimes there is no need for them. Today we have to figure out how to "Iphone" Clear memory. What tips and tricks will help you complete the task? How difficult is this operation?

Data types

In fact, everything is simpler than it seems. Indeed, in reality there are several tricks that can help to cope with the plan.

Sometimes the user wonders how to clear the memory on "IPhone 5S" or any other model? It all depends on what kind of data in question. The removal of various information in smartphones from Apple is carried out by a variety of methods.

So, you can get rid of:

  • from data in the browser;
  • from user information (pictures, music, and so on);
  • from system temporary files (free RAM);
  • from data in iCloud;
  • from contacts and correspondence.

In reality, everything is simpler than it seems. Next, we will consider all possible methods of cleaning iPhone from accumulated information.


The first step is to get rid of the data collected in the browsers of the device. How on "Iphone" Clear memory? Deleting information in Safari will free up some space. This technique is perfect for those who want to clear the cache of a mobile device.

The instructions for deleting data from Safari looks something like this:

  1. Turn on iPhone. Be sure to wait for the operating system to load.
  2. Visit menu "Settings"-Safari.
  3. Press the button "Clear history and data".
  4. Confirm the operation.

Nothing more is needed. After doing this, the Safari story will be cleared. All visited sites will disappear from this menu item, no mention will be made of the user.

Application cache

How to clear cache on "Iphone"? Among the main recommendations that users give each other, you can find advice on cleaning the application cache. Unfortunately, Apple products do not provide by default any means to translate plans into reality. Accordingly, you will have to work with third-party programs.

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How to clear memory on "IPhone 5" or any other? The application cache is cleared as follows:

  1. Turn on your mobile device.
  2. Go to section "Settings"-"Main"-"Statistics"-"Storage".
  3. Press alternately all unnecessary and unnecessary programs, and then select the function "Delete application".
  4. Download and install the free Battery Doctor program.
  5. Launch the application. Press the button Clean up cash.

A bit of expectation. and the job is done. It is recommended not to abuse the Battery Doctor. iOS works great with most programs. This operating system tries to optimize its work without assistance.

Photo stream

How to clear memory on "IPhone 6"? The tricks remain exactly the same as with any other Apple product. Therefore, all of the above methods are perfect for all iOS.

The next way to free up space is to work with the service "Photo stream". You must disable this service. After all, for her work, she consumes certain megabytes of space.

How to clear memory on "IPhone 6" or any other model using "Photo stream"? It is required:

  1. Open menu "Settings" in a mobile device.
  2. Visit iCloud-"Photo stream".
  3. Unmark "General access" and "My photo stream".

Such changes disable work "Photo stream", which significantly frees up space on the phone. Nothing difficult or special! But this is only the beginning!

Media Library

How on "Iphone" Clear memory? Any self-respecting user should consider that Apple products support synchronization with the data cloud. For this, there is the so-called iCloud and a media library. Its inclusion will support the ability to load data into "cloud" Apple Accordingly, all unnecessary files after downloading to iCloud can be deleted. And if necessary, restore them.

How does the music library turn on? To do this, just follow a little instruction. It looks like this:

  1. Turn on iPhone / iPad.
  2. Go to "Settings"-iCloud.
  3. Move slider in section "Media Library" to state "On".

This concludes the work with the media library. You can save space on your mobile device without much effort.

Work with music

How to clear memory on "IPhone 5S" or any other? To translate ideas into reality, you can use one very interesting technique. It’s about listening to music in "online".

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Apple products can stream data from iTunes to iCloud. This is the perfect way to save space. To clear space on your iPhone, you need:

  1. Download iTunes.
  2. Download the necessary music through the program.
  3. Download tracks to iCloud.
  4. Delete previously downloaded data on iPhone.

Now you can connect to iCloud and listen to music streaming using the Internet. This, as already mentioned, is a good technique for those who have little space on their mobile device and are full of music.


How on "Iphone" Clear memory? To do this, another very interesting trick is proposed. The thing is that correspondence and videos transmitted through iMessage, as a rule, take up a lot of space.

The most appropriate course of action would be as follows:

  1. Go to "Settings"-"Messages".
  2. In the selected menu, mark "Leave a message"-"30 days".
  3. Save changes.

This technique will help to remove all old attachments. Of course, a certain amount of space will be freed up on a mobile device.

Collateral Update

How To Clear Memory On The Iphone. Step-By-Step Instructions And Features

Another interesting trick is updating the software. The thing is that on new versions of iOS work is optimized to the maximum. Many bugs and problems are also fixed. Therefore, if interested, how on "Iphone" clear memory, it is proposed to use the OS update.

To do this, you will need:

  1. Make a backup copy of the data. The step is not necessary, but it will protect against complete loss of information.
  2. Open device settings.
  3. Go to section "The main"-"Software Updates".
  4. The operating system will check for updates. If any, accept the installation and confirm the action.

There is nothing special in the process. Typically, this technique helps to optimize the operation of the device and clear the cache on the smartphone. But for personal data, the place will not be freed. This must be remembered by each user.


IPhone users often take a variety of screenshots. The size of one screenshot is about 300 Kb. However, some people forget to get rid of old data. This leads to the fact that there is no free space on the mobile device.

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How to clear memory on "IPhone 6" (16GB and more)? To do this, you just need to follow a few tips and tricks.

They look as follows:

  1. Download Screeny.
  2. Install the application and run it on your mobile device.
  3. Click on the Select All Screenshots button.
  4. Click on the image of the bin.

This operation allows you to scan all photos and graphic files on Apple products, select and delete only screenshots. There is nothing special in the process. This technique allows literally a few clicks to get rid of numerous screen shots on the iPad and iPhone.

Temporary data

How to clear cache on "Iphone"? You can clean your mobile device using specialized applications. precisely, we are talking about cleaning the smartphone from temporary files.

To do this, you must:

  1. Download PhoneExpander.
  2. Run the program to clean the smartphone.
  3. Select applications from the list provided. It is advisable to note all the programs.
  4. Click on the bottom of the screen on the inscription Clear.

All of these techniques perfectly help you figure out the data on your mobile phone. The liberation of space, if you follow all of these tips, will be perfect.

Summary and Conclusions

Now it’s clear how to clear the RAM on "Iphone" without much labor. About how you can save space on your mobile device is also known. In fact, everything is simpler than it seems.

If you want to delete user data, it is best to act with "Storage facilities" on the iPhone. This is the only technique that allows you to quickly get rid of games and applications, as well as other files that litter memory.

What method to act if you want to clean on "Iphone" space? It is best to use all of these tips to solve this problem. This is the only way to optimize the performance of a tablet or smartphone to the maximum. How on "Iphone" Clear memory? The answer to this question will no longer be a hassle! The best tips and tricks have been presented!

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