How To Add A Photo To Instagram From A Computer

How To Add A Photo To Instagram From A Computer

You were left without a smartphone for a while, but you urgently need to post a new picture on Instagram. A matter of life and death, without updating the account, the world will be in jeopardy. A little exaggerated, but in life there are different situations. Yes, elementary: the photo is stored on a laptop, and you are too lazy to connect the phone to throw it off. How to add a photo to Instagram from a computer without using a smartphone?

Just note: the photo service does not move towards PC users at all. There is a smartphone. great, you can work with all the features. No mobile phone. Insta is almost closed to you. Existing restrictions can be removed, but for this you have to use additional software.

Instagram via Bluestacks

To upload photos to Instagram from a PC, you need to turn it into a mobile device. This operation will take about 20 minutes, but then there will be no problems adding photos. As a magic wand for transformation, we use the BlueStacks program, which is an Android emulator on a PC.

  1. Install the emulator. Download the latest APK file of the Google Play application and add it to the emulated Android environment.
  2. Launch Google Play through Bluestacks and find Instagram. Install the application on your virtual machine.
  3. Launch the application and click the “Register” or “Login” button if you already have an account.

The preparatory phase is completed, you can proceed to add new pictures to the profile. First you need to upload the pictures to the folder C: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks \ UserData \ SharedFolder so that the emulator can see them.

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By default, this folder is hidden, so you have to turn on the display of hidden files. Next, you will have to install another application:

  1. Run the emulator, find and install ES File Manager.
  2. Go to the installed file manager. Go through the section "Home folder" to the directory "bstFolder" (may be called "Windows"), then to the directory "BstSharedFolder".

In the “BstSharedFolder” directory you will see the pictures that were uploaded previously to the “SharedFolder” folder.

They need to be transferred to the SD card so that the photos become available in the gallery.

  1. Highlight pictures with a long press and copy to clipboard.
  2. Expand the quick access panel and go to the "Local storage" section. Then open sdcard.
  3. Paste the copied pictures into the DCIM directory.

Done, now the photos are stored as if you made them on your phone and saved in the gallery. Go to Instagram and click "Add."

Select the desired image and drop it into the ribbon. The problem is solved!

Using Gramblr

If the option using the Bluestacks emulator seems overly complicated, then try uploading your pictures using Gramblr. This utility has two versions, for Windows and Mac OS, both can be downloaded for free.

The procedure for adding photos to your Instagram profile is simple:

  1. Launch Gramblr, log in to your Instagram account by entering your username and password.
  2. Click “Choose file” and select the image you want to upload to the ribbon.
  3. Click “Upload” to upload the profile photo.
How To Add A Photo To Instagram From A Computer

Using Gramblr is a good option, but it has a number of disadvantages.

  • You will have to crop the photo yourself to a size of 650 × 650 pixels.
  • Filters cannot be applied to photos.
  • It is possible to add hash tags in the “Caption” field, but often this function does not work.
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There are more inconveniences than advantages, but in extreme cases, you can use the Gramblr program.

Download through other services

If the problem is only in your unwillingness (or inability) to connect the phone to the PC, then use alternative methods of transferring files to your mobile device. If we are talking about pictures, you can upload them to your VKontakte profile, send them by e-mail or add to the cloud storage, the client of which is on the phone.

For example, I have a Google Drive client installed on my smartphone. How can it be used to solve the question:

  1. Open the Google site in a browser on your computer, go to the "Drive" section to open cloud storage.
  2. Fill the photos onto the disc.
  3. Turn on Google Drive on your phone, wait for the synchronization to complete.
  4. Download the photo to the memory of your mobile device, and then upload them to Instagram using all the features of the service.

If you have a VKontakte profile, you can do it even easier: upload images to a private album, and then save them to your smartphone. The operation will take two minutes:

  1. Launch a browser on your PC, open your VK page.
  2. Go to the "My Photos" section. Click Create Album.
  3. Set the limit on viewing and commenting. "Only me." You can do without restrictions and create a separate album, if you do not mind that the pictures will be seen by VK friends, and not just Instagram subscribers.
  4. After downloading the pictures from the computer, go to the VK page on the phone. Download the desired photo, and then drop it into the tape.
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Perhaps someday a happy moment will come, and all these manipulations will become unnecessary, because Instagram will learn how to work with computers. But so far, without using third-party programs and services, it is impossible to solve the problem with simple image loading.

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