FIFA 20 infuriated millions of people

FIFA 20 infuriated millions of people

So, in particular, the rating of this video game on Metacritic among owners of game consoles, namely they generate the most part of sales of games of this series, turned out to be 1.2 points out of 10 points possible. In the case of the PC platform, things are even worse, because for computers it received an estimate of only 0.3 points, and this is a real shame. Almost all users criticize FIFA 20 for the lack of any real improvements, including in terms of graphics. Almost everyone who bought this game came to the conclusion that it is not worth the money spent, since it hardly differs from FIFA 19, released at the end of 2018. That, in turn, was a clone of FIFA 18, but at the same time it contained a number of important innovations.

FIFA 20 infuriated millions of people

Against the backdrop of the failure of FIFA 20 from EA, the rating of the new sports simulator Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami, released in 2019, on the contrary turned out to be surprisingly high. If the situation continues to develop in the future, then soon fans of the FIFA series can begin to make a massive choice in the direction of PES, because at least there are real changes that make the game better and better every year. The situation with the brainchild of Electronic Arts is complemented by the fact that there are a lot of various bugs, technical errors, as well as an abundance of a variety of microtransactions, that is, in-game purchases. In fact, they are trying to pump money out of the players in every possible way, and this despite the fact that they paid a large sum of money for the full version of this game.

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If you can fix bugs and technical errors at least with the help of updates, then many built-in purchases for money, as well as the lack of real changes compared to FIFA 19, will not be able to be eradicated. That is why, according to the Metacritic rating and user ratings, the FIFA 20 is a walk-through that you should not spend your money and time on. All fans of this series of games can only believe and hope that Electronic Arts will come to its senses and will again begin to pay more attention to this line of video games, as it was many years ago, when innovations were introduced annually.

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