Connecting A Usb Flash Drive To A Tv For Watching Movies

Connecting A Usb Flash Drive To A Tv For Watching Movies

A few decades ago, only the most affluent people could afford a color television in a house, now huge plasma panels are a common thing. A sophisticated viewer will no longer have several hundred channels and a varied program on each of them; it would be nice to watch exactly the movie or program that you want. Fortunately, there is such an opportunity, on modern TVs the USB port is built in without talking, but what about older models where this port is not? The question is relevant, so in this article we will figure out how to watch movies from a flash drive on a TV.

To watch movies from flash-usb to TV, you can use several ways to connect the device.

The article is divided into parts, for each of the connection methods we will say a few words, let’s start with the simplest one.

USB connection

The method, which is called "simple", usually no additional manipulations are required, but there are also pitfalls. In the most general case, it is enough for us to connect the USB flash drive to the connector on the special panel of the TV and switch to AV mode using the corresponding button. The panel can be on the right, left, bottom, back. anywhere, depending on the specific model of a particular manufacturer. With such a seemingly simple connection, problems may arise, usually they are associated with the recognition of the drive itself or its contents.

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The TV does not see the flash drive

In this case, there may be several problems, consider each:

  • Inappropriate file system.
    Two main file systems that are used on Windows: NTFS and FAT. If one file system does not fit the TV, then reformat it to another using standard operating system tools. To do this, insert the USB flash drive into the computer port, right-click on the device in the “My Computer” menu and select “Format”. A new window will appear where you can configure in which file system to format the media. Please note that all data on the USB flash drive will be erased. FAT32 has file size limitations; a movie heavier than 4 GB cannot be watched by its capabilities. NTFS has no such restrictions, most likely your TV will work with it.
  • The capacity of the flash drive is too large.
    Typically, TVs have a threshold of supported storage capacity. If you use a 64 GB flash drive, then try a slightly smaller storage medium.
  • Service USB port.
    On some models there is only such a connector, it can be identified by the corresponding marking service only or remote control.

TV does not see all files

Some inexperienced users are not even aware of the existence of various file extensions and formats. In the instructions for the TV you can find the formats that it supports. If you want to watch a movie with a different extension, you will have to convert it to the right one or download the movie again with another extension. You can convert files using specialized programs; there are plenty of them on the Internet. These problems can occur with any connection, you need to know about them. We move on.

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Connect using a DVD player

We use a media station

Media station is a universal device. Roughly speaking, this is a player with a lot of ports. Almost all devices that can transmit sound or video, including a USB flash drive, can be connected to it. There should not be any special problems with it, just insert the drive into the media player, and it, in turn, into the TV.

Connecting A Usb Flash Drive To A Tv For Watching Movies

Connect to a computer or laptop

The latter method is difficult to attribute to connections via a USB flash drive, but it can save if other methods are unrealistic for one reason or another. Connecting to a computer is the topic of a separate article, here you can expand, we can use a large number of connections:

Each connection has its pros and cons, but the most common and high-quality can be considered an HDMI connection. As a result, the TV will become a monitor, in fact, playback will be carried out on a computer.


We figured out how to watch a movie on a TV through a USB flash drive, examined several methods and identified the pitfalls in each of them. If you have a modern device, then there should not be any special problems, but you have to tinker with old models.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments!

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