Blue Screen When You Turn On The Computer

Blue Screen When You Turn On The Computer

Hello. Even with respect for computer technology, various problems can arise. Sometimes they are capable of driving into an impasse even an experienced specialist. For instance,

blue screen when you turn on the computer without labels. What would that mean? I will tell about this and other "mysterious" malfunctions in this article.

Over many years of work, I learned how to solve various problems, but sometimes I have to look for answers on the forums, because I have to face very interesting problems. Let’s consider some of them.

When you turn on the computer, a blank blue screen

If the loading of the operating system has reached the moment when the splash screen should appear, but this did not happen, then a system failure has occurred.

There may be several reasons:

  • Installing a conflicting Windows update;
  • Incorrect device drivers;
  • Viruses
  • Turning off the PC when installing updates.

First, you can try to call the "Task Manager" by simultaneously pressing Ctrl Esc Shift. Then select the "File" menu. "A new challenge." And we start "Explorer" by writing the command: explorer.exe in the input line.

If it does not work, then you must restart the computer and enter “Safe Mode”. To do this, press F8 on the keyboard immediately after starting the system. A menu should appear where we select the appropriate item:

When Windows starts, you need to fix the source of the problem:

  • Scan drives for viruses;
  • Remove "fresh" drivers (if you think that they caused the error);
  • Uninstall recently installed applications.
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In extreme cases, roll back to one of the recovery points. Details of this process are described in the article by reference.

We do the same in the case when a black screen appears and not what kind of reaction. Although there may be some nuances, depending on the moment the defect occurs. Find out more now.

The author recommends:

Black screen at the beginning of the download

It may indicate a serious malfunction of the hardware type, which entails repair work. What could be the reason?

  • Chipset overheating, leading to malfunctions of the south and north bridges;
  • The video card is out of order. In this case, the system may boot, you will hear sounds, but on the screen. only "darkness". For a stationary PC, you can try to connect a known working video adapter. With a laptop, everything is complicated. you have to carry it to the service.
  • The display backlight lamp is broken, or the cable is damaged / disconnected. Perhaps you were cleaning the laptop and accidentally damaged (disconnected) the cable from the motherboard to the screen. The verification method is very simple. connect an external monitor to the laptop. If it works, then this is not the problem.
  • RAM failure. I recommend completely disconnecting the PC from the network, removing the cover and trying to remove the RAM strips from the slots. Look for signs of oxidation on them. Then insert them neatly into place and start the computer.

For some laptop manufacturers (for example, HP) the following situation is typical: black screen and flashing caps lock.

It turns out so conceived for troubleshooting. Here is a breakdown of the “signals” by the number of flashes:

  • 1. a problem with the processor;
  • 2. input / output system is damaged (BIOS does not turn on);
  • 3. RAM malfunction;
  • 4. the graphic card (or controller) does not work;
  • 5. chipset failure;
  • 6. BIOS cannot authenticate.
Blue Screen When You Turn On The Computer

If it appears black screen with inscriptions in English, this is often due to hard drive failure. The system simply does not see it. To check this version, you must go into the BIOS. In most cases, this is achieved by pressing the F2 / F12 / Del keys at the very beginning of the PC boot.

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In BIOS, you should check if the computer sees the HDD. This information is displayed on the main window. You should see the name of the drive opposite SATA.

If nothing is indicated there, then it follows:

  • Or take the laptop to the service;
  • Or disassemble it yourself, check the quality of the connection, remove the disk and connect it to a known working system.

Inclusion. shutdown

I have repeatedly encountered a similar phenomenon when, after starting the PC, the cooler turns on for 2 seconds and turns off. If the fan starts, the cause is not the cooling system, but the power supply or a damaged battery.

For a laptop, try removing the battery and connecting the cable directly. Everything should work. In the stationary version, you will have to try to connect another unit (working).

Another situation is possible: the fan noise is not heard, and the system automatically "stalls". This clearly indicates an idle cooler, which leads to the activation of the protective mechanism.

Just a squeak

If you start the computer, and it beeps and does not turn on, then you are faced with a hardware malfunction. In the best case, it will be enough to fix the cable connecting the monitor to the video card, or pull out / insert the memory module. But it all depends on the nature of the squeak, which indicates a specific error. I recommend to see this document with a breakdown of all possible options for different BIOS versions:

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