Best Video Editing Apps For Android

Best Video Editing Apps For Android

A comparative review of popular applications for processing and editing videos on various Android devices. phones, smartphones and tablets.

Five years ago, most videos were transferred from a digital camera to a computer, and then processed with desktop software tools. Now flagship smartphones in terms of shooting quality can give odds to most cameras in the primary and secondary segments. They have long ceased to fulfill the function of a regular “dialer,” and for owners of “smart” devices, developers offer many applications for creating and editing video on the Android OS. Some of these applications have desktop-level functionality. We tested popular utilities for working with video on Android devices and suggest you familiarize yourself with their features in our review.

A mobile video editor that allows you to save finished work in Full HD resolution without registration or any other restrictions. The application has a kind of menu. no time lines and complex overlays of several multimedia files, just a simple application of template operations to a given clip.

For some, this approach may seem too simple, but beginners will definitely appreciate it.

The multimedia player integrated into the program can be used not only for playing projects, but also for viewing videos downloaded to the phone.

A "cloud" editor focused on applying preset effects to short clips. Its "highlight". A large library of music tracks of various genres that can be used as background music when creating slide shows from images.

All finished projects are stored on a virtual disk, uploading them to a smartphone is only necessary. When creating work, you can completely trust the program. it will be able to automatically recognize faces and select the best shots.

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The editor is often used to prepare animated birthday greetings or other presentations for various events or holidays.

The application is “sharpened” for one of the most popular functions. overlay effects. The editor has just a colossal database of various effects, which are distributed by subject. Add Easter eggs to the dining table or make the ghost enter through the open door, and quite realistically. All this is possible with FxGuru: Movie FX Director tools.

Due to its narrow specialization, the program interface is different from the usual editors and is, in fact, a catalog of thematic scenes. True, not all of them are available for free. The average cost of each effect. one.

Best Video Editing Apps For Android

Mobile version of the popular desktop program Wondershare Filmora. Thanks to this “kinship”, FilmoraGo has a similar interface and stands out for its high stability. The application has all the necessary capabilities for creating high-quality projects. cutting and gluing segments, superimposing effects, support for many formats.

We note the presence of high-quality templates and very convenient tools for creating collages. over, in their preparation, you can simultaneously use videos and images, as well as attach the original text. Unlike most "competitors", all the functionality of this editor is available for free, and at the same time, a watermark is not added to the finished work (in addition, frames from the developer’s logo are only generated, which can be easily trimmed).

A program whose main purpose is to adapt videos to upload material to social networks and send via instant messengers. Especially useful for fans to publish custom videos on Instagram. For this, VivaVideo even has a special interface for the device’s camera, in which the user is offered a huge selection of effects and lenses. Thanks to this set, the utility has repeatedly become the No. 1 video editor in the Play Market.

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Like FilmoraGo, the program allows you to create fairly high-quality collages. Unfortunately, the resolution of exported projects is also focused on social networks, so they are not suitable for viewing on a large screen. Another drawback. the application is oversaturated with advertising banners, so the usability is not as high as we would like.

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